Home Maintenance Checks In Time For Spring

After the long, cold, icy, and snowy months of winter in North America, certainly in Canada, the lust for sunshine and long, lazy sunfilled days becomes palpable. With those approaching days, however, comes a new set of responsibilities that every homeowner needs to be aware of to ensure that their homes remain in tip-top condition, […]

How To Easily Update Your Home

  Who really wants to live in a house that looks outdated and is uncomfortable or not in line with their own style? Not many people will say yes to that question; when we have our own homes, we want them to reflect our personalities and be as comfortable as possible. We also want them […]

3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Windows In Good Condition

Windows are a very important part of the home because they’re not only functional, they are also one of the key exterior features. If your windows are not well maintained, you will have problems keeping the home warm in winter and getting enough light in. It will also affect the curb appeal of your home, […]

13+ Incredible Ikea Hacks

I love IKEA! There I said it! I love walking thru and checking out the different rooms, sitting on the furniture (I found my dream chair the last time I was there). I love that they have a playroom for my kids, because shopping with 4 kids can be a nightmare. 🙂 And, the quality […]

Is Your Home Prepared For The Worst?

Are you thinking about completing some home improvement on your property? If so, then it’s worth keeping in mind the worst-case scenarios. You need to consider the most significant issues that could hit your home. This could be anything from a horrific hurricane to a terrible theft.  Your home is more vulnerable than you think. […]

Home Upgrades Worth Considering

You spend a lot of time in your home and want it to be cozy, comfortable, and stylish. You may look around one day and realize that it’s a bit outdated because you haven’t made many enhancements or improvements to it in recent years. All you may need is some ideas of what you can […]

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