Postpartum: The Complete Guide To Healthy Babies & Healthy Mamas

Wow, you’ve just done one of the most amazing things you can, brought a new life into this world! Of course, your priority is to ensure that both you and your little one thrive in the time after birth. A topic you can find out all about in the post below.

Healthy Baby – feeding

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Feeding is essential to your baby’s health, that is why the health visitors monitor their weight and size so closely. After all, it ensures they are getting all the nutrition they need to grow and develop right.

Of course, you will find a whole raft of websites out there that are promoting breastfeeding above any other method. Breast milk is, after all, designed with baby in mind and contains all the right nutrients, as well as extra antibodies that can help them stave off infection.

However, it is also important to realize that some mamas have trouble breastfeeding and this doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their job right. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and consider how much upset and aggravation that breastfeeding is causing you and whether you could improve things by using formula instead. After all, the adage happy mama, happy baby is right, so don’t feel like you have to struggle on just because of other people’s opinions.

Healthy Mama – sleep and tiredness

Mama, you are going to be tired when your baby is newborn. You’ve just gone through a tremendous emotional and physical experience, and now you have a tiny little life to be responsible for. It will be exhausting, although you can draw some comfort from the fact that you aren’t alone and it’s the same for mamas all over the world, right at this minute.

What I am saying here is that there is little point getting cranky and stressed about being tired. It’s just something that comes with the territory, so if possible let go of that frustration and be tired and do what you need to do anyway. You will find you are stronger than you think.

Also, don’t be afraid to sleep when your baby sleeps! After all, newborns need a lot of rest and even a few snatched minutes of shut-eye can refresh you for the next few hours of baby care. Yes, it’s not what you are used to, and yes the washing up and housework will pile up, but that’s OK, it’s not forever, and you need to focus on what is best for you and baby right now.

Healthy Baby – sleep

If Baby isn’t sleeping it can be tough, and it’s worth putting some effort into discovering why this is happening because it could be a sign that things are a little off with your little one. In particular, it can mean that they are not eating as much as they should, an issue addressed in more detail above.

Of course, it may be that they are just going through a cranky stage, and if that is the case, then the best thing you can do is recruit your OH in to help. This means taking shifts were possible that will allow you to catch up on some sleep. Also, if taking Baby on a drive, or walk will sooth them off to the land of nod go for it! It doesn’t mean things will be this way forever and if it can help you out now, its worth its weight in gold.


Healthy Mama – stress levels

Contrary to the idealist mother earth perception a lot of people have about having a baby, it isn’t all giggles and playing this little piggy. In fact, for mama especially its a massive life change and add the sleep deprivation and masses of hormones careening around your system to that, and it’s pretty easy to see why things can get a bit stressful.

Luckily, there is a lot of help and support out there for moms, and all you need to do is embrace it. Your first port of call will be your other half and immediate family or close friends who you can get to look after little one while you have a bath, or pop out for a cup of coffee for some alone time.

Of course, there is additional help available from your doctor and counselor as well both for general support and for specific issues such as postpartum depression, anxiety, and worsening of anxiety conditions such as GAD as OCD.

Just remember you don’t have to struggle through alone, and asking for help is a healthy way of coping, and makes you the best mama you can be.

Healthy Baby – skin issues

Many babies suffer from skin complaints such as eczema, cradle cap, and even baby acne, as their skin is so sensitive and it’s just being exposed to the outside world for the first time.  

Such conditions are all caused by different things, but happily, you can treat them in simple and easy ways. For cradle cap, there is usually no need to seek treatment, unless it passed on to other parts of the body,  as it will clear up of its own accord after a few weeks. Although, you can use special natural oils, or cradle cap shampoos to help it’s on its way.

For eczema things are a little different, first of all, it’s always worth mentioning this to your doctor as it can be itchy and uncomfortable, and even be vulnerable to infection if Baby is scratching at it all the time. It’s also best to not bath baby too much as this can strip the natural oil from the skin. Also, don’t forget that eczema can be made worse through exposure to dust mites, so keep to one or two plush toys and wash them at 60’s or above regularly to minimize this.

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Soft toys can harbor dust mites, so wash them at 60 degrees to minimize this.

Lastly, when it comes to baby acne, you may be a bit baffled! After all, why is my baby getting this condition which is usually associated with teenagers and adults? Well, first of all, all don’t worry, as it’s entirely a common condition that consists of red spots that sometimes have white heads on them. It’s pretty easy to treat as well. In fact, you can get 11 tips for treating baby acne by clicking the link, and don’t forget to pay a visit to your doctors to get things checked out. After all, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to Baby’s health.

Healthy Mama – getting out of the house

Getting out of the house with Baby is an essential part of both their development and keeping mommy sane. Of course, the first couple of times it might be a little intimidating, especially with all the supplies you need to take with you, but trust me it will get easier.

To help, why not start with places that aren’t too far from home and are baby-friendly like another new momma’s house, a child-friendly cafe, or a baby group?

It can also be super useful to have a written checklist of items you need to take with you for baby when you leave the house. Laminate it, or put it in a plastic folder and then you can tick it off each time and wipe clean once you are done, something that makes it a useful item to help you get out the door much more quickly and efficiently.

Healthy Baby – washing and bathing

To be as healthy as possible baby will need to be clean. Happily, this is not such a difficult thing to do as there are a lot of products that can help keep baby clean and hygienic, despite all those dirty diapers and spit ups!

For example, bathing Baby in a standard size tub isn’t a good idea because they will not be supported. Instead, you can get small baby tubs that are angled to reduce the risk for bathing. Although, it’s essential that you always maintaining visual and physical contact with them no matter what devices you are using.  

Then there are some great wipes and baths gels specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin. Look for water wipes that will help you clean them whilst changing their diaper, but are very soft on sensitive skin, and lavender baby bath gel to help soothe them off to sleep before bed.

Healthy Mama – alone time

Lastly, to be as healthy as possible it’s likely that mama will need some alone time. Now, this can be difficult if your baby is very young, breastfeeding, or sick. However, it is essential that you make some time for this when Baby is asleep or being watched by your OH, or another trusted family member, especially if you tend toward the more introverted side of the personality spectrum.

In this time try and do something that directly benefits your well-being such as taking a nap, a bath, reading a book, doing some art or going for a walk. It’s not about catching up on the ironing or loading the dishwasher; those things can wait!

After all, if your wellbeing is taken care of then it will directly affect Baby, a situation that will result in both a healthy Baby and a healthy mama.