Downsize and Declutter to Regain Your Freedom

We are adding another person to our home and gearing up for a big move in a couple of years so this has been on my mind as of late.   I have always had too much stuff, even when I downsize it seems that I just end up with more.  I’ve got a lot to get done over the next couple of years, so I’m making a plan NOW!

Decluttering our space is not only a physical task but also a process that will help you regain your freedom. If you’re wondering what in the world freedom has to do with decluttering, here’s how:

Having excess possessions limits you in so many ways, including the space you have available for things that actually matter as well as the time you spend storing, caring for, rearranging, and maintaining them. 

Decluttering is the process of simplifying your life by getting rid of things you don’t need or bringing any sort of benefit into your life, and in the process, regaining your freedom from attachment to material things.

Ready to start your decluttering mission? Where the hell do you even start? Here’s a step-by-step guide to downsizing and decluttering your spaces.

  • Make a Plan

The best way to start a decluttering and downsizing task is to make a plan and write it down.   Set realistic dates and milestones as well as goals so that you can follow your plan without getting overwhelmed and stressed out. Take into account the time and energy you have available, as well as the spaces you want to declutter first. Plan on where exactly you will take your discards, too.

  • Sort Things into Piles, Boxes, or Bins

Separate what you plan to keep, donate, sell, repair, or trash into sections. As you go along, ask yourself if you need that item, if you really are going to use it, if you love it, or if it gives you joy. If none of those questions get a “yes”, it’s time to let go. There’s really no valid reason to give your personal space to objects that don’t fulfill any of those requisites. 

Don’t think about what you will lose when disposing of excessive objects. Instead, focus on what you will gain in return. Whether it is more space. a prettier and tidier room, that sense of peace and calm you gain when things are in order, or even some extra time during the week that you won’t spend looking for stuff amidst the clutter.

You don’t have to be merciless when you are deciding what to keep and what to let go of, but do keep in mind that there is a beneficial trade-off when letting go. The point is to downsize, not just to rearrange your clutter, right?

  • Be Quick About Taking Things Out of Your Home

Once you have sorted things out and decided what to keep and what to discard, put them in their place as soon as possible, whether it’s a shelf or closet, a donation center, or the trash can. 

This is particularly important in order to avoid having those discards somehow creeping back into your spaces or staying around in their piles for any unnecessary time. If you decide to repair some things, do it right away.

  • Enjoy the Process

Play some music, dance around, and make decluttering a fun activity to look forward to rather than something you absolutely dread.  Plus, make sure you notice that feeling you get after seeing an organized and tidier kitchen cabinet or wardrobe. Seriously, it’s extremely relieving to see how much space and freedom you’ve gained!

  • Avoid Future Clutter

After you’re done clearing out your home, make sure you make it last by realizing how much value your space actually has. The next time you feel like buying something on a whim, ask yourself if it’s actually something that deserves sacrificing that for.

Optionally, you can also decide to set rules for yourself before purchasing something. For instance, if you buy a new pair of shoes, this means you need to get rid of another, the same applies to dresses, skirts, and just about anything else you can think of that isn’t absolutely necessary. Another useful habit is to take broken things to repair immediately or else dispose of them to avoid having them take up your physical space, and, more importantly, your mental space by worrying about having to repair them.

Moreover, once you’re done with that “big” decluttering session, it also helps to make clearing out things a part of your monthly routine in order for huge clutter not to accumulate again. This will mean your home will always stay decluttered, yay!

I hope this downsizing and decluttering guide inspired you to regain your freedom! If you have any other tips or reasons why decluttering is amazing, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!