Enjoying Matcha Green Tea Properly

There is no denying that green tea Matcha powder is soaring in popularity at present. More and more people are recognizing the benefits associated with this delicious, almost creamy tea with its subtle umami flavor. But, if you are to experience these benefits, you need to prepare and store your Matcha with care. 

Matcha has become exceptionally popular. Not only because it tastes great but because it offers health benefits too. While it cannot replace an anxiety treatment program, it can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Matcha green tea powder is a unique type of tea, and it needs to be handled as so. It can take a bit of finesse and patience to brew the perfect cup. You can ruin the delicate flavor of Matcha if you pour boiling water onto it. This stops the nutrients from slowly releasing and opening up, as they should. Instead, due to the antioxidants and delicate flavor of green tea, it requires a little bit of love during the brewing process. The right temperature and a bit of time are required to create the perfect mug of tea. You also need to store green tea Matcha powder correctly if you are to preserve the freshness of it and all of the nutrients within it. Matcha is sensitive to both heat and light, and it is important to remember this when storing it. Most Matcha green tea brands will store the powder in either a dark container or in a foil package. If they send it in a different type of packaging, it is a bad reflection on the company in question and highlights that they do not really know what is best for the product they are selling. Or, perhaps they do, and have simply gone down the cheaper route. 

Matcha is going to oxidise when you open the package and start to consume it. After all, this is naturally what occurs when the foil package or tin is opened, and the Matcha powder is exposed to light. However, the goal is to minimize the oxidization as much as possible, and, therefore, you should keep it as airtight and dark as possible. If your Matcha comes in a foil package, it’s a good idea to buy a bag clip to ensure it is tightly sealed. You can store Matcha in your cupboard, or anywhere else that is dark and dry. If you do not drink green tea on a daily basis, another way to keep it fresh is to store it in the fridge or even the freezer. Most Matcha has a shelf life of around a year, under ideal conditions. By that, we mean unopened Matcha. Once you have opened it, you really should drink it within a few months if you want to experience optimum taste, color, and freshness. Of course, it will still be fine after this, especially if you have stored it in the fridge, as advised above. 

Not only does Matcha green tea powder taste amazing, but also there are lots of antioxidants within this drink, which provide numerous benefits. To really experience the best of Matcha, you need to prepare it and store it with care, and the tips above should help you to do just that.