Food Myths You Should Forget About

There are a lot of food myths floating about in the public consciousness. A lot of them have roots in science, but many are overstated and misrepresented. And that can lead to fear mongering about what we want to eat, and that’s no good for anyone! Which is why it’s so important for us to debunk a few common myths with the explanations below. You deserve to have fun with food and enjoy eating, and not being afraid of ever including them in a meal! 

Fruit is Bad for Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal, but it’s not one you should overstate when it comes to eating the best thing. Because fruit has a bad rap in the breakfast department – some people claim it’s far too sugary to have after just waking up. And sure, fruit IS packed with sugar, but it’s a healthy sugar our bodies are happy to break down and use as energy. 

It’s much better to have an apple or a banana first thing with your coffee in the morning, rather than a couple slices of toast. Even better, you could mix the fruit into pancakes or have them on cereal, and then get the best of both worlds here! 

All Carbs Should Be Avoided

Some carbs can be bad for you – mainly processed ones you find in pre-packaged sweet foods – but some are excellent for your health. It’s all a matter of knowing what you’re eating and doing so in doses that are just right for your brain and body. 

Bread and pasta, for example, are two common carbs people recommend cutting out. But if you do that, your cravings will shoot up, you’ll feel far less energetic, and it’s incredibly hard to completely avoid these versatile carbs when it comes to meal making. 

Desserts are Bad for You

Desserts aren’t bad for you when you know what you’re eating! You can cut down on the included sugar content if need be. And let’s face it, we’re more adaptable than ever when it comes to swapping ingredients out for certain healthier options. 

Take this eggless sprinkle sugar cookies recipe as a good example; if you don’t like eggs or have an allergy to them, this is one thing you can still eat and completely enjoy. If you feel like eggs are bad for you – as many people do – this is also one way to get around them as an ingredient. 

That Healthy Foods are All You Need

Not all foods labelled as ‘healthy’ are all that in reality. Some just have this label thanks to their color or the way they’ve been marketed. So when you’re convinced you should put more ‘superfoods’ onto your plate, stop and double check the nutrient profile. And let’s not forget about how fun it is to have a burger every now and then! 

Some food myths are more harmful than others. Take anything you hear with a pinch of salt and do your own research.