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Get The Cutest Wardrobe For Your Newborn


Are you all ready for your bundle of joy to arrive? One of the things that nesting parents love to do the most is buy plenty of baby clothes so that their newborn has plenty to wear once they get here. If you’re a brand new parent, you might be scratching your head and wondering exactly what you will need in your baby’s new wardrobe. There’s a lot of practical garments to add to your checklist, but also some adorable pieces you should include too!


Read on to find out exactly what you need for the cutest wardrobe for your newborn!


One-Piece Outfits


The baby onesie is a godsend for all parents. It’s such a simple outfit that can be worn while the baby is awake and asleep, so it comes in very practical! As your baby will be constantly napping during the first couple of months, these onesies are perfect for them as it doesn’t matter if they fall asleep in them. You’ll be able to find some perfectly charming ones featuring cute cartoons and patterns.




If you have an autumn or winter baby, you will almost certainly need to get them a sweater. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that most babies really hate anything being pulled over their head – this is a surefire way to cause lots of tears and screams! So, it’s best to get some chunky cardigans or sweaters that button up so that you don’t disturb the little one too much while dressing them.




Even though your baby won’t be walking just yet, it’s still a good idea to get them some booties so that they can get used to the feeling of shoes on their feet. As you can see with these Olive and Bean baby moccasins, there are some really cute ones out there that have been lovingly handmade. Be sure to buy some top-quality booties that have been made with leather, as these will be waterproof and will keep your baby’s feet dry when out in bad weather.




Two-piece clothing items will come in really useful, especially some loose leggings. These will easily slip off your baby whenever you need to change their diaper in a hurry. Plus, if the leggings get dirty, you just need to replace them instead of trying to get a totally new outfit together. Ideally, the leggings need to be elasticated so that your baby won’t grow out of them too quickly as they start to grow.


Wearable Blankets


One of the main points to remember about your baby’s wardrobe is that it needs to be as comfortable as possible. This is where wearable blankets come in! They are super cozy and will help to keep your baby warm. However, it’s not safe for your baby to sleep in these, so don’t use them as replacement pajamas.


These are just a handful of the key clothing pieces that you will need for your newborn baby. Hopefully, this checklist helps you prepare the perfect wardrobe for them!


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