Great Stress Relievers To Try Out

Challenges big and small can raise our stress levels. And while you don’t always have total control of the situations around you. You can implement things to reduce stress levels over time. Stress can have an impact on all other areas of your life, and if not handled or treated, it can become chronic. Chronic stress can impact your heart, mind, and body in a range of ways. 


Meditation is not just for yogis. It is a powerful tool that can help almost anyone, once they get into it. While the immediate stress relief is fantastic, over time, it can help to reduce stress levels too. Many people enjoy using a guided meditation technique that you can find on popular apps like Calm and Headspace. They help people who have never meditated before learn how to do it and get the most benefit from it too. 


If you know what your stressors are, you can begin to find ways to avoid or manage them. Rather than fall into unhealthy habits, seek support. You can speak to your doctor, look for support groups, drug rehab centers, and other sources. 

You can mix and match what you think will work for you. Talking to friends and family about what is going on, how you are feeling, and being honest can lift a lot of guilt and upset too. 


There are going to be plenty of days where you don’t feel like leaving the house. But, encouraging yourself to go, even just once a week, can make a lot of difference in how you are feeling. 

Being outside and in as much green as possible has positive impacts on us mentally. Plus, the endorphins from exercise can help to reduce stress and boost happiness levels. 

Hug It Out

Physical touch can play a huge role in lowering stress levels and upping the happiness hormones. When you get a hug from someone that you love, for two minutes or more, your body is flooded with oxytocin. This helps lower blood pressure and give you a sense of relaxation. 

If you need a hug, then ask for it. 


When we were little, we would color, paint, write, and draw to relax. As we get older, those fun and relaxing things seem to drop off the radar. However, in recent years more people are picking up coloring books for mindfulness, and painting for fun again. Research on adult coloring shows that it can reduce anxiety levels and stress levels. 


We can quickly get in a negative frame of mind. And then a spiral of negativity can follow. So when you are talking about life, or just thinking about things. See how often you are thinking negative thoughts. When you catch them, try to reframe the thought process into something more positive. The more times you frame something into a positive place, the more often you will feel positive about it. 

When you are feeling stressed, the sooner you notice and tackle it in a healthy way, the sooner you will lower your stress levels overall.