Hotel Transylvania: Transformania premieres tomorrow January 14, 2022 on Prime Video

The kids and I recently had the chance to preview Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. In this movie, Drac is planning to retire and leave the hotel to Mavis and Johnny but he quickly second guesses that decision. Johnny, after seeking out help from Van Helsing and his ‘Monsterification Ray,’ turns into a monster while Drac and the monsters are turned into humans. Johnny, Drac and the whole gang comedically race across the globe to find a cure before their transformations become permanent. Needless to say it surpassed all of my expectations and has quickly become one of our favorites.

The movie premieres tomorrow on Prime Video and is an excellent way to kick off “Friday Night Movie Nights” for the New Year. We love snuggling up on the couch with some takeout or snacks and watching a new movie every Friday. The kids look forward to it all week long and it becomes quite the competition to see who is going to get to choose the movie each week.