How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Work Smarter Not Harder

Life as an entrepreneur is notoriously stressful. With lots of tasks to complete and so much responsibility, keeping on top of running a business can be challenging. With so many tasks to work on every day, you may feel like you are constantly playing catch-up and that keeping on top of your workload is increasingly difficult. Many entrepreneurs find themselves spending more and more time at work, hoping they will eventually get up-to-date with all their jobs. However, this rarely happens as there is always another task needing to be performed and other demands on your time to contend with. The best way to counteract a busy schedule and ensure you get everything done is to work smarter and not harder. Changing how you manage your time and complete your tasks is helpful and essential when your workload is heavy. There are always just 24 hours in each day, so using the time you have effectively so you don’t need to spend every waking moment at work is a bonus and will ensure you feel in control of your work-life rather than your work-life controlling you. If the idea of working smarter rather than harder appeals to you, why not try putting some of these ideas into action to see if they can help you to work less and achieve more.

Simplify Your Payroll Processes


Payroll can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for you to complete, but it is also one of the most essential. To maintain staff morale and ensure your team stays engaged and productive, you must avoid payroll mistakes. Payroll issues can be a pain to deal with and can cause significant stress for your employees if they are paid incorrectly or receive their wages late. So, ensuring your payroll process runs smoothly is vital. Utilizing methods to calculate your employees’ timecards with ease to speed up the payroll process could save you a lot of time. Switching to using software time card calculators rather than relying on manual methods will reduce the margin of error when completing this crucial task and make it a lot faster, so it is a win-win situation. 


Streamline Your Bookkeeping 


Another time-consuming task that can be hard to keep up with is bookkeeping. Keeping your books updated and ensuring your invoices are paid on time can seem like a never-ending task. So, it is essential to introduce methods to make it easier for you to keep your accounts up-to-date and ensure your cash flow is managed effectively. Many businesses are now opting to use cloud-based software to make maintaining their accounts easier. Seeking out software that automates the most repetitive accounting tasks will help to reduce the time you need to spend updating your accounts while still enabling you to maintain accurate records.


Using cloud-based accounting software can benefit your business in several ways, so it is definitely an option worth exploring further. Having the ability to access your accounts wherever you are and on any device makes it so much easier to work collaboratively with your team and enables you to check your accounts and make informed business decisions no matter where you are. Another significant benefit of using cloud-based bookkeeping is that you can set up recurring invoices for your regular customers and recurring payments for your suppliers. This means you do not need to try and remember to make payments and send invoices each month, as this is carried out on your behalf. With these tasks taken care of automatically, it will be much easier to manage your cash flow and ensure your accounts are kept up to date.

Outsource Your IT Support

System downtime can be disastrous when you run your own business and trying to solve the issue can be an incredibly stressful process. The longer your IT systems are not working, the more money you will lose and the more damage your company’s reputation will experience. Being unable to use your computer systems also has a devasting impact on productivity and will cause a backlog of work to accumulate. Unfortunately, technology is always vulnerable to glitches, so the chances are that you will experience computer problems every now and then. The best way to keep IT-related issues at bay is to outsource your IT support so help is ready and waiting whenever you need it. 

As well as supporting you when downtime occurs and other computer problems strike, outsourcing your IT services also helps you to keep your systems running smoothly every day. By managing your business technology, your IT support service will also be able to identify problems before they strike and ensure your systems are running at optimum speed. This will enable you to keep working as productively as possible, safe in the knowledge that your IT systems are in safe hands.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

If you started your business as a one-person venture, the chances are that you are well-versed in running your entire organization single-handed. But, as time goes on and your company continues to grow, maintaining complete control of your business and micro-managing every aspect of your operation can become increasingly challenging. Learning to let go and allowing others to take the lead on some aspects of your business is an excellent way to relieve some of the pressure on yourself. Learning to delegate is not always easy, and you may feel like you should be doing it all yourself. But, gradually learning to pass some responsibility over to your team members will make your working day a lot easier and enable you to focus on completing the tasks that matter without interruptions. 

Make a Plan

Knowing that you have a huge amount of work to complete and feeling like you will never manage to finish it can impact your motivation levels, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Making a plan is an excellent way to ensure you don’t get stuck in a state of inertia and procrastinating because you have so much to do and don’t know where to start. Having a clear plan for your day will make it so much easier to get things done and will prevent you from wasting time trying to decide what to do first. Making a list and prioritizing the tasks of the greatest importance and ensuring that you complete them by the end of your working day will help you make progress and feel a sense of accomplishment when you head home at the end of the day.

Stop Muti-Tasking

Finally, ditching the multi-tasking is one of the best ways to ensure that you work smarter rather than harder and see maximum results from your efforts. The ability to multi-task has long been seen as a badge of honour among busy people. However, attempting to complete multiple tasks at once is not as effective as many people believe. Working on several tasks at the same time can leave your mind feeling scattered and makes it incredibly challenging to stay focused. Attempting to carry out multiple tasks means that everything takes longer and that none of the items on your to-do list receives your full attention. So, multi-tasking can actually result in you doing less and getting more stressed out in the process. Relieving the pressure on yourself to do everything at once should help you to get much more done. So, concentrating on one task at a time is a prime example of how to work smarter, not harder, and ensure that your workdays are more productive.