Foster Care and Adoption

May Is National Foster Care Month


I have been fostering for 5 years now and adopted my children a little over a year ago.  Quite honestly, it was the best thing I ever did.

How can you make a difference?

  1. Offer to babysit from time to time.
  2. Cook a meal for a family who has received a new placement
  3. Offer hand me downs to foster homes who are in need of varying sizes.
  4. Throw a foster shower for new foster parents.
  5. Make a donation to the local CASA/Guardian Ad Litem program.  They often provide scholarships for activities and Christmas gifts for children in care.
  6. For businesses, offer a discount to foster families.  We are a very loyal group.

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  1. Pam Halligan says:

    That’s fantastic! I’m 38 and have never had kids. I have considered fostering and adoption myself.

  2. Shannon Pickin says:

    So glad there are awesome people like you in this world! Those kids are so lucky 🙂

  3. That’s so cool! Bravo lady!

  4. Dana Matthews says:

    What a beautiful story. My family is on a different side of fostering. My oldest niece lost her children. Some were in foster care. It hurt so much to see this happen. In time, we learned a little about the family and discovered they were good Christian people and eventually they adopted two of the children. In my heart, I wish that things were different and this never happened, but I am reassured that they are in a good place with a good family and are taken care of. Your girls are mighty lucky. I’m glad that there is a month to recognize the sacrifices foster parents make. I know it’s a big one.

  5. Jodi Hunter says:

    Thanks for this post, very cool.

  6. […] you’re raising your own kids, fostered kids or adopted kids, parenting requires a level of selflessness that can be a bitter pill to swallow. […]

  7. kathy Persons says:

    Good for you Fostering kids can be hard work yet rewarding~

  8. That was so beautiful! God bless you for your awesomeness!

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