OREO Chocolate King Size Candy Bars Now On Rollback at Walmart

The delicious OREO Chocolate King Size Candy Bars (2.88oz) are now on Rollback at Walmart! Make sure to pick yours up today for just $1.00!   OREO Cookies and Milka Chocolate come together in this amazingly delectable chocolate bar.  Deliciously dunkable OREO Cookies are enveloped in (rich) vanilla flavored crème filling and coated in chocolate candy.  Milka Chocolate bars are a favorite around the world and OREO is Milk’s favorite cookie.  These special chocolate bars make a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life.   They also come in mint!

A couple of days ago, I was in Walmart to pick up some items for my lunch and decided to snag a couple of them(I found them at the checkout). I thought they would make great behavior rewards for the my two oldest.    The kids love the mint OREO’s, so I knew that they would love these and they did.   They loved them so much that my daughter wanted to try one of each.    My parents tried the original flavor and both of them remarked about how good they were.     

Please forgive the crazy hair, my daughter was recovering from the flu and I think my son must have rolled in the mud at daycare.  Never a boring moment with these two.  🙂 

Crazy Hair

We Don’t Care