What is the Best Way to Organize the Fridge?



What is the Best Way to Organize the Fridge? 

If you open the door on the refrigerator and what you see overwhelms you, then it’s likely time for an overhaul of the interior. A clean fridge can make cooking more enjoyable, as well as potentially giving you extra space inside for groceries.

Start by Removing Everything

Take out everything from the fridge and put it on the counters. Next, you’ll want to wipe down the shelves and wash out any pull-out drawers with warm soapy water to clean them. The objective here is to sanitize the space thoroughly before organizing anything.

If any part of the refrigerator isn’t working right, now is the best time to get replacement parts for Kitchenaid appliances. When the kitchen is functioning correctly then you can rest easy and have fun with organizing it!

Here are some great organizational hacks for the fridge. They are simple too, which is great for any busy parent or professional.

Add Labels

The drawers in the fridge can get full quickly, and you might not always know what’s in it without opening and rifling through it. That’s a timewaster, so why not organize it better?

Here’s a quick tip: Add labels to the outside of the drawers. It could be as simple as writing “Fruits” on a label and sticking it to the front of the drawer.

Chalkboard labels are fun because you can rewrite them as the food selection changes in the fridges. Wipe one word and replace it with another after the weekly grocery shop, easy!

Group Similar Items

If you have a jar of mustard at one side of the fridge and the ketchup on another shelf, put them together in the same section for condiments. Sorting items by groups make finding something a whole lot easier!

Other ways to sort items are by beverages, deli meats, and snacks. If you want to go an extra step on this one, get some clear glass containers and put the items into it.

What about Leftovers?

To store those extras from dinner that you want to eat the next day, put them into clear air-tight containers so you can see at a glance what’s in them. Also, store leftovers in a certain place of the fridge, such as the top shelf, so they’re within easy reach.

If you tend to lose track of the date of the leftovers and they spoil before you get to them, then put a piece of tape on the top or side of the container with the date. It’s the date when you put the food in the fridge; allow for two days from that day to eat it for the freshest bites.

Put Raw Foods on Bottom Shelf

Meats for cooked dishes are best put on the bottom shelf of the fridge. That way, if there is any leakage, it won’t drip down onto other foods. Another option for meats is to put them into a specific drawer.

If using the fridge drawer approach, don’t share it with vegetables or anything else because of the risk of contamination. Make sure to clean the drawer regularly too. Now you can move onto the rest of your kitchen, adding accessories and making it look its best!