Returning To A House After A While? Consider These 3 Maintenance Tips

There may be many reasons as to why you leave a house unoccupied for some time. Perhaps you just haven’t been living there for some time, but have been keeping up on your property tax while abroad. That’s perfectly valid if you own the place. Maybe you’ve been on vacation for quite some time, or you’ve been working in another country. Perhaps this property is your vacation home that you only use for a month out of the year.

Regardless of your intentions and justifications for leaving a home alone, what matters is caring for it when you return. Now, you might have asked a neighbor to keep up with a few tasks, like making sure your gate stays locked or watering your plants from time to time, in exchange for a couple of nights in a great restaurant and a few bottles of wine.

Now you intend to live in the place however, it’s good to think about what maintenance tasks may need your attention first. Let’s consider that, below:

Gardening Work

Gardens becoming unkempt tend to be the first thing you’ll notice, and so scheduling some proper gardening work is nothing if not a good idea. Mowing the lawn, weeding, checking the trees for signs of rot (and calling in a tree surgeon should you need one) will all make a tremendous difference in the long run. It may be important to replace certain paving in your garden path, to repaint the fences, or to replace the gravel in certain areas. This way, a garden can look better within a week of you returning to the house.

Drain Care

Check on your drains. A capable plumber will be able to make sure that your drainage and piping is properly aligned, and clear. This way, you can avoid burst pipes, leaks, or blockages that lead to pools of water. In the long run, this helps you save money, as well as ensuring the utilities of the household are ready and able immediately. This could be bundled in with other exterior work to be done around the household, but drainage and piping is so important to maintain that it deserves a focus all of itself.

Ventilation, Dusting, Inspections

When you leave a household for a while, you tend to turn off the power and utilities for that time, and lock all the windows. This means that the ventilation of the property is in need of dire replenishment, and dust does accumulate even when you’re not there. Neatly storing the dust sheets, opening the windows, turning on the fans and air filters, as well as checking for any signs of rot, mold or damp is essential. It’s also important to check for pests, such as droppings or scratches, and put down pest deterrents anyway. Make sure to inspect the hinges and latches for any sign of break-in also. This way, you can ensure the home begins to take on its former self.


With this advice, you’re certain to benefit – even after returning to a house that hasn’t been lived in quite some time.