School is in Session… Now What

School is in Session… Now What

You shopped for supplies. Now, it’s time to wake your children up early each morning and send them off to the classroom. But, that doesn’t mean leaving all the work to their teachers. Here are a few things to consider doing, once school starts, to help ensure your kids get as much out of their education as possible.

Start a Story Time

Reading is an essential skill, necessary for your child’s success in school. However, it’s sometimes hard to get kids interested in learning how to read, especially when it’s so easy to turn on the TV or play video games. Start a routine of reading with your children each night before bedtime. Chances are, it won’t be long before they want to take time to read on their own.

Cook Together

Preparing a meal usually involves quite a bit of simple math. Look for recipes your children will enjoy helping you create and cook with them once or twice a week. Put them in charge of measuring ingredients, setting the timer and anything else they want to assist with. Not only does this give them practice with math, it shows them how learning helps them in everyday situations.

Buy Educational Games

Educational games and learning systems have been around for decades. Honestly, they’ve come along way, thanks to mobile devices. There are tablet-like devices on the market for kids of all ages, featuring educational activities to help supplement some of the things they’re learning at school. Many of the top names in children’s education also make apps for your smartphone, which are sure to get your kids excited about learning.

Family Volunteering

Volunteering as a family is a wonderful way to help organizations in your community and teach your children social skills at the same time. Many non-profits are desperate for help and totally appreciate any time you can give them.These are just a few suggestions of things you can do at home, once the school year starts, to boost your child’s education. Which one do you want to try first?