Top Ideas For Keeping The Kids Entertained In Summe

As school kids take a break for the summer, it’s down to parents to think of ways to keep them entertained. This is a great opportunity for family time but that doesn’t mean you have to make big plans. There are many ways you can keep kids entertained and engaged in the summer without going too far or spending too much.

If you’re looking for ideas that will keep everyone going throughout the summer, take a look at this list.

Trip To The Beach

There’s no better time for a trip to the beach. Sand and water are ideal for keeping young children entertained for hours but there are plenty more things to try while you’re there. How about a game of frisbee? 

There are also tons of water sports to get involved in. Perhaps your children would like to have a go at surfing for the first time or maybe the whole family could take a boat ride. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sunscreen to keep everyone protected.


Go-karting is something the whole family can enjoy. It may be something different for everyone to try during the summer. Go Karts may have an age or height requirement so it’s important to check before booking.

It’s an ideal way to make family memories as it’s sure to be a day you remember. Check if the go-karting track is indoors or outdoors. If the track is outdoors, the activity could be weather dependent.

Outdoor Painting

Have you ever thought about having original artwork hanging in your home? Now is your chance. Find a large outdoor space and put together a canvas using plain paper and cardboard. 


Make sure everyone is wearing old clothes or something protective over their clothing. Put out a range of brushes and paints and let everyone splat the canvas at the same time. The result will be a family masterpiece that you can hang in pride of place.

Go For a Nature Walk

Children like to explore their surroundings and going on a nature walk is a great way to do that. Summer provides an excellent opportunity to look at new flowers, insects, trees, water, and much more. If you want to make it a challenge for your kids, create a chart of things to see and have the kids tick off each one as they find it.

Go To A Theme Park

Going to a theme park is a real treat for everyone and another way to make lasting memories. Summer is the perfect time to head to a theme park because you’re likely to have good weather for making the most of the rides. Most theme parks cater to ages 3 and up so you’re sure to find something everyone loves.

Summer is often a good time to catch shows at theme parks too. Whether it’s character parades or evening fireworks, there’s often something special in the itinerary. Check the website of your chosen theme park before you attend.

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