15+ Gifts for Dungeons & Dragons Enthusiasts

DND Gift Guide
Do you have a DND enthusiast on your gift list? Dungeons & Dragons has been around since 1974 but gained popularity again in the late 1990s. My boyfriend is avid DND’er and plays weekly. So, I came up with this list with him in mind.

Under $15
5×7 Dice Set
Dungeons and Dragons Mayhem Card Game
D & D Starter Set
Vinyl Dungeons and Dragons Decal
Choose Your Weapon Bandana for Your Role Playing Dog
Ain’t No Party Like a D & D Party Mug

Under $25
Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook
When the DM Smiles T-Shirt
Fantasy Action Figures
D&D Dress Socks
Dungeons and Dragons Spell Cards
White with Gold Dice Set

Under $50
Battle Grid Map
Deluxe Dragon Dice Box
Personalized DM Tankard
D20 Blanket
Dungeon Master Essentials Kit
D & D Hoodie