3 Practical Steps To Get Your First Dog

Have you decided to get your first dog? If you have, then you’ll undoubtedly be excited about it. That doesn’t mean you should just get one straight away, however. You’ll have to actually put some thought and effort into it.

Getting a dog is a big decision, after all. It’s not one that should be taken lightly, so it’s worth knowing what’s ahead of you. The same can be said for any pets. With a few practical steps, you’ll make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Get Your First Dog: 3 Practical Steps To Take

1. Make Sure You’re Ready

Getting a dog is a big decision, and it isn’t one that should be taken lightly. You’ll have to change your lifestyle somewhat, and you’ll need to actually look after your new dog. Make sure you’re actually in a position to do that. If you lead a relatively busy lifestyle, this could be difficult.

Spend some time looking into how much time and effort you’ll need to actually look after your new pet. If you don’t think it’s the right time, then you could be better off leaving it until a time when you can actually look after them.

2. Pick Between Buying & Adopting

Once you’ve decided to get your first dog, you’ll have a few decisions to make. One of the more notable is whether you should buy or adopt. There are plenty of German Shepherd puppies for sale, for example, but there are just as many you can adopt, so you’ll need to make a decision.

Both options offer their pros and cons, and it’s worth being aware of them before you make a decision. Adoption can be the more ethical option, but it often means going for older dogs. Buying could mean getting a puppy you love, and they could live longer.

3. Pet-Proof Before Bringing Them Home

Like baby-proofing, you should already know you should pet-proof your home. Doing this makes sure everything’s safe for your new dog when he gets there. Don’t leave this until you already have them, though. They could hurt themselves when you’re getting everything done.

It shouldn’t take you too long to get it all done, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure there’s nothing your new dog can hurt themselves with. Anything that could hurt them should be placed somewhere out of reach. Make sure there’s nothing that can fall on them while you’re at it.

Get Your First Dog: Wrapping Up

You’ll naturally be excited to get your first dog, but it’s not something you should rush into. Instead, it’s a process you should take your time with. Taking the right steps makes sure you do everything you need to.

It’ll also make sure you do everything right, so your new furry family member is properly taken care of. While that could mean taking a little extra time before getting a dog, it’ll be more than worth it. With how big of a decision it is, there’s no reason not to take your time.   We recently adopted Stella and I spent months on facebook and rescue websites trying to find the perfect dog, then one day I ran across a young couple looking to find her a home where she would have more room.  After a lot of questions back and forth, she came for a meet and greet with my kids and we instantly fell in love.  She is a hard headed husky/shepherd mix, but she fits right in with our family and we love her so much!