Unicorn Gift Bag ~ Make your own personalized goody bags

These adorable unicorn gift bags make a great party favors for birthday parties, treasure box, and so much more.


White Gift Bags
Black Sharpie
Super Glue
White Foam Paper
Pink Foam Paper
Gold Sparkle Foam Paper
Paper Flowers (Dollar Tree)
Tissue Paper


Take your gold sparkle paper and cute out a large unicorn horn. It’s better to cut your horn on the larger side since it can always be trimmed later.

Next, take your white piece of foam paper and cut out two unicorn ears.

After you have cut out your white ears, take your pink foam paper and cut out the pink section of the ears.

With your leftover pink foam paper, cut out circles for your unicorn cheeks.

Now take your white and pink cut-outs and glue them together to make an ear.

Take your white gift bag and glue on your ears and horn.

For this next step, you are going to be gluing your paper flowers onto your gift bags. You will want to space the flowers out ahead of time to make sure they are nice and even.

Time to draw those eyes! I suggest practicing on a blank piece of paper to perfect your technique. You only get one shot since Sharpies are permanent.

Glue on those cheeks!
Now your bags are ready to be stuffed with all those goodies & tissue paper.