5 Ways Your Small Business Can Truly Lower Costs

Let’s face it; all businesses want to reduce the amount of money they spend so that they can invest this cash in other areas of their business or simply improve the level of profit they are making. However, this can often be a lot easier said than done. You don’t want to compromise the success […]

Caring for a Chronically Ill Dog: A Guide

When a person decides to become a dog owner, they probably do not imagine that their dog will develop a long-term health condition that impacts their quality of life. Unfortunately, this can happen, and caring for a chronically ill dog can place a lot of strain and sadness on the owner, who has to manage […]

3 Tips for Preparing Your Children for an Emergency

Emergencies can come at any time of the day and from any place. The current COVID-19 pandemic and the wave of natural disasters that have hit the US would be great examples of this. While the odds of your family being hit with a terrorist attack or a natural disaster could be very slim, the […]

The Top Tips for Parents To Help Their Kids in School

Do your children struggle in school? If so, you need to put them in the best position possible to be successful. There are a lot of challenges that come with school in the current environment. If you want your child to have a good experience in school, what are a few tips to follow? Take […]

Unicorn Christmas Trees Are Sure To Be Popular Again This Year

*This post contains affiliate links.  If an item is bought using one of these links, I will receive a small commission. Unicorns have always had a special place in my heart but when I became a mom I rediscovered my passion for unicorns and purchased Unicorn Crazy a fun facebook page that shares all kinds […]

How to Make a Hospital Stay More Comfortable

Hospitals aren’t places that you’d typically want to visit if you can help it. The only reason you’d go there is to visit someone getting treated in one or to have tests or surgery completed. You’re likely reading this today because you’ve soon got to spend some time in a hospital having a surgical procedure […]

How To Prepare For Parenthood

Bringing a new child into the world and preparing to be a parent can be quite overwhelming, especially if you lack the experience of dealing with babies. However, every parent goes through it. It is a common phase of life that many people are new to at one point in their life. If you are […]

The Untold Story Of Disabilities

We often see disabilities from the point of view of the carer. It makes no doubt that caring for someone with a disability can be an emotional rollercoaster that is both rewarding and mentally exhausting. Thankfully, carers can find supportive communities to help them tackle the needs of their loved ones and their own emotional […]

Park-Wide Enhancements Coming To Aquatica Orlando in 2022

Aquatica Orlando, voted the No. 1 waterpark in the country by USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Poll, is plunging into 2022 with a brand new waterslide, Reef Plunge! Introducing Reef Plunge, Aquatica’s all new water slide! Guests will slide through eye-catching translucent cutouts and rings, and twist and turn though over 330 feet of fiberglass, zooming past a vibrant […]

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