4 Swaps For Better Mental And Physical Health

The start of the new year is the official time many people are setting new resolutions they hope they’ll stick to. But most of us set ourselves up to fail from the offset by setting out goals too high or making too many to follow. 

With that in mind, making small mindful changes here and there until they become ingrained as habits in your everyday life may be more fitting for you. 

So let’s begin with healthy, simple swaps you can make to boost your mind and body’s health. Here are four examples of trades you can make this year.

Fakeaway Over Takeaway

It’s difficult to resist the convenience and taste of a yummy takeaway. From Cantonese to Iranian food, the flavorsome dishes are often too tempting to resist ordering.


But as you may already know, most takeaways aren’t great for your health because they often contain extra oils, salt, sugar, and preservatives.

However, there is another way you can gain the thrills that takeaway food brings you, with a fakeaway! 

Learning to cook the recipes from fast-food restaurants you enjoy at home, like tasty egg roll rolls with fresh ingredients, means less junk in your food. Plus, by ordering fewer takeaways, you’ll save a lot of money in the process too.

E-Cigarettes Instead Of Cigarettes

Cigarettes cause several issues to your health and those around you. But if you’ve been smoking for a while, cutting it out entirely and going cold turkey may be too difficult. Therefore, as an alternative, you may want to consider using E-cigarettes to wean you off harmful cigarettes gradually. 

Walk Instead Of Using The Car

Low-intensity exercise, like walking, is gentle on your body. It has a wealth of benefits for your brain and physique, from keeping you in shape to releasing feel-good endorphins. There’s a lot to be gained from choosing your legs to get you places over your vehicle. Not to mention the added benefit being you’ll save money too. 

Choose Porridge Rather Than Sugary Cereal 

The most important meal of the day needs to be something that makes you feel energized and full until lunchtime.

Unfortunately, sugary cereals won’t do. However, healthy alternatives such as porridge certainly will. With a dash of cinnamon and honey, you can also save the need to add sugar. 

Moreover, you can add a piece of healthy fruit on the side too. And there you have it, a simple healthy breakfast that will give your body what it needs to have the best start to your day.

Making healthy choices doesn’t mean you need to commit to a life at the gym every day, eating everything green – unless, of course, that’s what you want. 

Instead, like the suggestions for healthy swaps above, you can make small adjustments that you can stick with. And, in turn, cause a positive long-term effect on your mental and physical health.