5 Tips For Disney With Toddlers

You’re probably really excited that you and your family are going to a Disney theme park soon! If there are toddlers in your family, you’re also likely starting to think and worry about how this trip may turn out in the end. You don’t need to worry! I have some great tips that I’ve used at Disney with my little ones. Here are five tips for doing Disney with toddlers!

Stay at a Disney resort

Disney resorts are part of the magical experience of Disney World and Disney Land. When you stay at a resort, you will immerse your toddler in a stimulating environment that keeps them distracted and happy. Not only will the resorts add to your overall experience, but they will also come in handy for those mid-day meltdowns at the park. What I mean by that is at some point your toddler is going to need a nap. When you stay at a Disney resort, you can always take the magical express bus, the monorail, and the ferries to get back to your hotel. Instead of staying far away and not being able to make it back to the parks later, you can quickly have a time nap and swing back by for dinner and more rides!

Have a pool day

Disney is exhausting to toddlers. Heck, it’s even tiring for adults too! If you’re planning to stay more than a couple of days, allocate one of them to a pool day. Spend the entire day taking your time and not standing in lines. Hit the pool, swim, eat, and go back to the rooms when you need to rest. Toddlers will love getting to play in the water and winding down a little for a day.

Take in a show or five

If you’re taking a toddler to Disney, make sure you fast pass some of their amazing shows! They even have productions that are made specifically with toddlers in mind! Some of the best shows for toddlers at Disney are:

*Celebrate the Magic
*Finding Nemo the musical
*Festival of the Lion King
*Beauty & The Beast – Live on Stage
*Disney Junior Live on Stage

Buy Your Souvenirs Outside Of Disney World!  

This is a big one.  The minute you enter the park, you see Disney Cast Members peddling bubble wands, hand-held fans, glow sticks and stuffed toys among other things.  You can buy these items at other locations before entering the park and save a ton of money.

Getting Around Disney with toddlers can be made easier with these options.  

Use an easy to fold umbrella stroller because you will need to fold them up to get on and off the tram.  My favorite way to do Disney is to use rides that also serve as transportation — the railroad at the Magic Kingdom is not only fun to ride, it can get you from one part of the park to the other and save you some walking time.

What are your favorite tips for doing Disney with a toddler? I’d love to hear what works best for you and your family. I hope these tips help you have an exciting and stress-free experience at the most magical place on Earth!