5 Unique Date Night Ideas

When you and your partner are parents, having a date night is an important part of your relationship. After all, you spend so much time caring for your little (or big) ones that you rarely have time to really talk to your partner, outside of the generic ‘did you do the packed lunches or was I supposed to do them?’ But what can you do to make the most out of your date night, and make it as memorable as possible? We’ve noted down 5 unique ideas here.

#1: Go for a picnic

A lot of the time, we have fixed ideas about date night being a fancy dinner, or an evening at an up-and-coming restaurant. Whilst it’s nice to treat your other half sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting all of your favorite picnic food together (and, of course, a bottle of wine) and heading off to some of nature’s finest places to watch the sun go down together. Affordable, and romantic!

#2: Head to the theater

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than dressing up in your finest attire and going to the theater. Whether you want to let your inner Disney nerd run wild with the Aladdin musical or you’d prefer to go for a tear-jerker, there are plenty of shows out there for you to choose from. Get your finest outfits on, and get ready for a treat that you won’t forget anytime soon!

#3: Visit a jazz bar

Sure, going to a bar and talking to your significant other may be a part of your usual date night. However, why not expand your horizons a little and head to a place with some great music to set the scene? Jazz bars can be great fun for music lovers, but there are plenty of other quirky places worth visiting. Why not go to a speakeasy, and enjoy the interesting decor and cool vibe of somewhere different?

#4: Go and see a local band

If you and your partner are music lovers (or if you just want to experience something new) then why not check out the local bands and artists that are playing near you? This is a great excuse to head out for the night, and support the music scene in your area. Of course, the quality of the music will probably depend upon where you live, but there may be some diamonds amongst the rough!

#5: Take a dance class together

Well, there is nothing more romantic than dancing with your partner, and going to classes together is a brilliant way to strengthen your bond. Whether you want to opt for a rumba or a tango, check out the local classes in your area and get your dancing shoes on. An added benefit: next time you’re at a wedding or a birthday party, you’ll be stealing the spotlight with your brand new moves.

So, if you want to have a date night with a difference then try out these 5 things. Enjoy adding some fun into your relationship!