Super Cute Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is just a little over a week away, but there’s still plenty of time to get a costume for your and your other half. We found several great costumes for couples that are sure to be a hit. What’s your favorite?

This Halloween why not grab your other half and bring a classic treat to the Halloween party?



Keep everyone thinking about their pearly whites this Halloween with a perfect his and hers costume!



Bring a dab of color and humor to any gathering this Halloween season with a classic ketchup and mustard costume!




This costume comes with his and her big hair for a total 1980’s experience!




Who can resist a couple dressed up like the classic snack? Would you be the milk or the cookie?



Wine and Cheese Costume

This fun costume is perfect for the couple who loves to entertain! They will steal the show dressed as wine and cheese this Halloween.


This costume is fantastic because it has a cream center! So much fun for Oreo fans this Halloween! Make a sweet impression at any party or gathering!





What is a hotdog without a bun? Make an entrance and mingle with the ketchup and mustard couple for an epic Halloween party!






This costume for two has all of the feel of a tourist trap without all of the hidden costs!



It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few little boxes of Nerds. Bring the classic treat to life with this awesome costume for two!



This costume is pretty much fuss free. Toss on a shirt and a fun hat, and you instantly transform into everyone’s favorite toy couple!




Walk into any Halloween party and immediately turn it into a yabba dabba do time with this his and hers costume! It even includes the hair!



Avocado Costume

If the Halloween season is your sugar season, then instead of eating your fruits and veggies, why not wear them? This costume for 2 is awesome. Will you get the pit or will your other half?



imagine the look on your friends faces when they realize the dynamic duo ditched breakfast for a Halloween party.



Naturally you will be the life of the party, only second best to the real deal this Halloween!


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