5 Ways To Practice Self Care At Work

Self-care helps us to look after our minds and bodies, paying attention to what makes us feel good. Most of us squeeze self-care into our weekends, yet many of us forget about the working week. If you’re looking for some easy ways to practice self-care at work, check out these neat ideas.

1 . Stay active 

Your job might involve sitting at a desk all day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get active. Consider using a standing desk for part of your work shift? A standing desk can help you to burn calories, boost energy levels, and even improve your posture. If you prefer to sit, why not try an under-the-desk bike? An under desk bike can help you to get a little exercise, even when you are sitting at your desk. When you stay active throughout the day you’ll have more energy and feel less sluggish.

  1. Relaxing breaks

When you take a break from work, take the opportunity to practice a relaxing activity. For some ideas to inspire you consider these options:

  • Find a quiet space and use a meditation app.
  • Take a quick yoga class if you have time.
  • Write positive affirmations in a journal.
  • Listen to relaxing music.
  • Read an inspirational book.
  1. Consider health & safety

During the working week, you need to pay close attention to your health and safety. Ensure that you set up your desk ergonomically, to prevent any injuries. If you are unhappy with the health at safety practices at work, report this as soon as possible. If you are injured in the workplace you may require the help of personal injury lawyers. With the right legal support, you can access the compensation that you deserve.

  1. Create the perfect space

Our working environments have a massive impact on our moods and mental health. Improving your working environment is a great way to take care of yourself. Add indoor plants, to beautify the space and raise your endorphin levels. Plants are also a great way to improve the air quality. Hang up artwork and add photographs to enhance the space. Make your workplace a colorful sanctuary, helping you to feel relaxed and creative. Whether you work from home or in the office, there are plenty of ways to protect your space.

  1. Set healthy boundaries

To practice self-care at work it’s important that you set healthy boundaries. If your boss is giving you more work than you have time to complete, don’t be afraid to express this. An excessive workload leads to burnout which can impact your mental health. The key is to maintain realistic expectations, to create a healthy work-life balance. By setting boundaries you can protect your health and feel more relaxed.

With these five simple ideas, it’s easy to practice self-care throughout the working week. For more self-care ideas try apps like Shine, Sanvello, and My Possible Self. There are plenty of tools out there to help you perfect your self-care routine.