How to Prepare Your Family for Summer at Home

Unfortunately, many families have had to change their plans this summer. Whether your kids were off to summer camp, or you had a family vacation booked, these aren’t really possible this year. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can salvage your summer, and prepare for some family time at home instead. Here are five tips on how to not let social distancing spoil your summer.


Virtual summer camps


There are several virtual summer camp ideas available online. It’s a good idea to carefully choose a virtual camp program according to your schedule as parents. Many camps offer free activities, but the problem is they’re short on staff and some of these are parent-led. 


Varsity Tutors offers quite a full program for classes K-12. The kids have full days Monday to Friday and the initial course is free of charge. Activities range from lego moviemaking to Minecraft storytelling to podcasting. 


Your kids might be used to eLearning by now, but also in need for some time outside. Organize a daily schedule together and they can do the camp activities while you’re working. If family life gets stressful to organize then an online therapist can help you, find out what is telehealth?


Brainstorm activities


Get your kids involved in planning their summer vacation as well. You could give them a list of age-appropriate chores to do to share between siblings. Separate household activities and studies from family fun. Get them to make two lists of what they want to do.


Long weekends


Use your vacation days to take long weekends, and go on short, local family trips. This could be camping or a road trip. If you’re not able to leave your home you could camp in your yard or simply set some time aside for a real “staycation”. Check out these great budget-friendly staycation ideas.


Family dinners


Even though you are unlikely to be able to enjoy meals out in restaurants, why not make a big deal out of your family dinners at home? Refresh your patio furniture and have a bit of quality family time outside. Here are some tips on how to clean and restore your yard furniture. Get the whole family involved in preparing a nice meal together.


You could even invite special guests over Zoom. Have a look at some easy summer dinner recipes, and get back into cooking this year. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy a BBQ outside with your family as well.


Stay active


It’s important to remember to stay as active as possible even if the pools and parks are closed. There are plenty of online workouts for kids and families, or fitness apps. The best way is to make the most of the weather, and go hiking together or cycling. 


If you manage to establish a sense of structure to your days and plan ahead with some activities for everyone, you should be able to stay sane. Remember to focus on the fun times together this summer.