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How to Stay Body Confident While You’re Pregnant

All women know that their bodies will change while they are pregnant. However, while you may be aware of it, it is a far cry from actually living it. If you are someone who is particularly health and body-conscious, this may be ever more difficult to deal with. But it does not matter who you are. All women will go through some level of low self-esteem related to their body image. Perhaps you even start noticing other slim women more and feel envious of them. However, what you need to remember is that pregnancy is only for nine months, not forever, and you are doing something truly amazing with your body. But to help you boost your body confidence, here are a few tips:



Staying fit and active is essential during pregnancy. Being fit will make the labor easier, as well as ensure that you don’t pile on too many pounds. Also, it is a great stress reliever. Just knowing you are doing something really good for your body can help you remain positive. Exercise naturally fills the body with endorphins which make you feel great and are a natural anti-depressant. Exercise can also be good for the baby as long as you don’t overdo it. Speak to a doctor about exercise, but unless you have any particular health concerns, you will be usually be given the green light. Another thing to bear in mind is to listen to your body. Try and cater the exercise you do to how you feel. Brisk walking is probably better than jogging in the park.


Be Kind to Yourself

Remember, what you say to yourself has a huge impact on the way you feel, so you need to be kind to yourself. Start the day with some positive phrases, make a mantra of them. List all the things you are grateful for and happy about and tell yourself you look beautiful. Pregnancy is a beautiful time, after all.  


Don’t Give in to Fatigue 

Feeling excessively tired is a side effect of pregnancy. However, you need to fight this feeling and not give in to it. Exercise is a superb way to boost your energy levels, as is eating correctly. You may even find a nap in the afternoon is a good plan too. Try to avoid dog fun this too late, though as napping too late can stop you from sleeping at night. If you can boost your energy levels, make you feel better about your body and more confident.



Treating your body to a massage is a great way of telling yourself that you are worth it, while reducing pain and stress at the same time. If you struggle with relaxing, then maybe a shoulder rub from your partner is on the cards too. Let them fuss over you! Also, don’t suffer from unnecessary pain. If your back begins aching excessively, why not go to a pregnancy chiropractor who may make you feel great again. Less pain will enable you to do more things and feel more body confident too.


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