Making Home Renovations Pet-Friendly Too

Home renovations can add value to your property. But, more often than not, people who plan home renovation work don’t necessarily intend to sell. Renovations serve a unique purpose for homeowners who wish to keep enjoying their home: They make it more comfortable and better suited for everyday needs. 

After all, we are all different. Therefore, it is fair to create a home that fully fits your unique requirements. However, more often than not, improvement works fail to consider all the members of the family, such as pets. It is not uncommon for renovations to affect pet comfort negatively, such as reducing their play area in the garden with the addition of a deck or moving their bed around to extend the living room. Can home improvement projects be pet-friendly? The answer is yes, as long as you are willing to consider your dog or cat’s needs in the process. Unsure how to get started? No panic; here are a few ideas to show you how it’s done! 

The accessible patio

Installing a patio is a fantastic way to transform your backyard. When you are not an experienced gardener or have no interest in plants, the yard can rapidly turn into an overgrown nightmare with blank patches where the grass never grows. A patio can help reclaim the space as yours. Additionally, you can add a roof to design a cool and protected area, which you can use all year round. The addition of patio doors also ensures that you can bring plenty of natural light inside your home. 

But what about your dog or your cat? While the patio may be cozy for them to lie down, it can be tricky to access when there’s nobody to open the door. As the summer is here, the last thing you want is to leave the patio door open. It will let all the hot air and a few bugs in! But, you can make your patio pet-friendly with an elegant and custom-made in glass pet door that doesn’t interfere with the function of your patio door. So, your pet can access the patio, lie down outside in the shade, and play in the backyard without any issue. 

Making the garden accessible to your house cats

Having a cat while you live in a busy urban area means condemning your feline friends to stay indoors. The outside world could be dangerous. House cats are just as happy as cats that can wander outside. But you may want them to experience the cool and fresh air in the garden. 

Have you considered building them a catio, aka a cat-friendly patio? Catios may seem like an odd idea at first, but it is an excellent mental stimulation for cats. They can observe nature and wildlife freely and keep occupied. 

You could build them a safe cat house, complete with a litter tray and bowl of food and water, so they can spend an entire day lounging around safely. If you are a keen builder, you could make sure the cat house is connected to your home, so cats can easily go in and out without risking escaping. A covered hanging bridge between the window and their garden house can do the trick. You can take a look at hen pens for inspiration, as you want your cat house to remain shut at all times. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the garden together. 

The nook underneath the stairs

Have you turned the space under the stairs into an improvised home office during the pandemic? If you still work from home, the space has probably become your favorite spot in the house! But the understairs area is a tricky spot to furbish. Due to the incline of the ceiling, you probably can’t make use of the entire area. Nobody wants to crouch into their office to start the day! But do you know who could make good use of the narrow space you can’t access? Your pet! You can find easy tips online on how to build a dog house under the stairs so you can both share the same spot. 

Dogs or cats will love the private space where they can relax and rest. You can add a bowl of water in there and a cozy mattress. Should you keep food under the stairs? It’s best to avoid it, as you’ll need to keep track of how much and where your pet eats! 

It’s a great way for pet owners to strengthen their bond with their beloved furry friends. 

The walk-in shower

If you are renovating your bathroom to gain more space, you are probably considering the best choice in terms of showers. A cubicle shower can be a smart addition in a narrow space. However, walk-in showers prove more useful for different reasons. 

Firstly, a walk-in shower doesn’t need to take a lot of space. We are used to seeing luxury walk-ins that are roomy and set inside a gigantic bathroom. But in reality, you could replace your corner cubicle shower with a single panel preventing the water from reaching into the rest of the room. It might even make the bathroom appear bigger if you opt for a see-through panel that lets the light through. 

Secondly, walk-in showers are more accessible. It is never a bad idea to plan for your old age. Seniors with a walk-in shower are more likely to maintain their independence for longer. They can also add a chair inside the shower for safety purposes, which means they can maintain their lifestyle safely. Slipping in and out of showers is a major cause of injury in old age.

Finally, walk-ins are perfect for dogs. You can easily wash your dog without needing to carry them inside a narrow bathtub or a cubicle. It can make the whole process more manageable. More importantly, it can also help reinforce your bond, turning the shower into a friendly and safe area for them. 

Are you ready to bring your home renovations to the next level and create a home that is pet-friendly? There are plenty of designs and ideas available to transform your home. Many homeowners have been adding suspended bridges inside their homes for cats, for instance. Yet, it can make it tough to maintain your structural integrity and even your home decor. But these options are suitable for both homeowners and pets and enhance your property!


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