Stetson Mansion Christmas Spectacular 2017

I was able to go to a media preview for the Stetson Mansion Christmas Spectacular, and I must tell you that I was blown away. JT comes up with some of the most amazing and innovative designs. There are several reasons why I kove this tour starting with the fact that JT makes excellent strides to keep “Christ” in Christmas. Every room has a nativity scene to celebrate the reason for the season. Another of my favorite things about this tour is the way that JT tries to incorporate things such as limbs and grape vines that were blown over in Hurricane Irma. (You will notice vines and limbs in several of the dining room displays. Enjoy these pics and remember to book your tour early because they fill up quickly.   My pictures don’t really do it justice, so I’m just going to leave these here and tell you to go see it for yourself.  Your can thank me later!  🙂

This is the original Edison Electric Box.