The Ultimate Guide To Overhauling Your Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Health

Ask yourself an honest question now: how do you feel on a daily basis? If the answer is low, uninspired, unmotivated, ugly, or any other negative word, you need a bit of an overhaul. If you know that your confidence could be better, your body could be healthier, and that your mental health isn’t great, it’s up to you to do something about it. Feeling your best means making sure that your physical, mental, and spiritual health are all in positive alignment with one another. As each one of them ties into the other, you can’t improve one without improving another. This means that although you may only make small changes to your lifestyle to begin with, you should notice changes in multiple areas of your life with consistency. For example, not only will taking care of your physical health mean a healthier body, it’ll mean a more positive, confident mind.

If you want to begin working on your physical, mental, and spiritual health, there’s no better time to start. Read on for some actionable tips that will make the biggest difference to your life:

Improving Your Physical Health

Here are a few pointers for improving your physical health:

Find A Type Of Exercise That You Enjoy

Finding a type of exercise that you enjoy is a must. We all sit down far too much these days. Being lazy is just too easy and too tempting. If you find a type of exercise you enjoy, you’ll be far more likely to stick to it. That being said, you shouldn’t do this just because you don’t like the way you look. You’ll never get the results you want to get if you’re doing this as some sort of punishment. You need to make peace with your body and exercise because you love yourself, and no other reason. You might love swimming, dance, or yoga. It doesn’t have to be fast paced and sweaty.

A mix of things like cardio, resistance, and stretching is always a good idea, so try multiple things until you find a few that you want to stick to. Commit to three times a week and you should notice a difference!

Walk As Much As You Can Every Day

On top of your exercise, try to walk as much as you can every day. People think that just because they go to the gym, they don’t have to get the recommended amount of steps per day. This is false. People who go to the gym might look good, but they certainly won’t be as healthy if they’re not getting enough steps in. Aim for a minimum of 8,000, working your way up to 10,000 per day. Making a conscious effort to take more steps, such as taking the stairs or parking your car further away can make a difference. To stay comfortable, make sure you find a great pair of shoes. You can also visit sites like today to see if there’s anything else you can wear to be more comfortable as you go about your day. A fitness tracker might just be a great investment too!

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear comfortable, well fitting clothing every day – wearing clothing that doesn’t fit properly, such as brazierres, shoes, and even belts can all cause problems. Not only will you be uncomfortable, you could cause serious issues with long term effects. Make it your mission to get rid of any clothing that no longer fits and treat yourself to clothing that does. This doesn’t mean you have to wear clothing you don’t like, just that you should pick clothing that truly fits you and feels good to move in!

Eat Nutritious Foods

Don’t know much about nutrition? Teach yourself. There’s a wealth of information out there; books, magazines, articles, YouTube videos, and more. Now, bear in mind that a lot of this information is conflicting. On some sites you may read that the vegan diet is the best, and on others you may read that a typical carnivore diet is the best. This is why it’s up to you to make your own mind up, experiment with your own eating habits and see what happens. You might find that a vegetarian diet works best for you, for instance. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you limit processed foods including processed meat, and really amp up your intake of veg and fruit.

If you tend to feel a bit rubbish no matter what you eat, it could be a good idea to do a food intolerance test. Some people are intolerant to bananas, one of the healthiest foods!

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to your physical health, not perfection. Remember this if you have a wobble, but don’t use it as an excuse to be strict Monday to Friday and then let all hell break loose on the weekend, as that is just as bad as eating what you want the rest of the time.

Improving Your Mental Health

To improve your mental health, try the following:

Don’t Dwell On The Past

The past is gone, so stop dwelling on it. When you dwell on the past, you stop enjoying the present moment.

Stop Worrying About The Future

Worrying about the future often comes hand in hand with dwelling on the past. Working on living in the moment will help you to eradicate both of these bad habits. Overthinking is a terrible habit that can lead to anxiety and all kinds of other mental health issues.


Meditation is brilliant for both mental and spiritual health. Meditating for a short while each day could make you happier, calmer, more creative, and have a host of other benefits. You can download apps to help you, or you can even find videos on YouTube that will guide you. The key at the start is getting into the habit, so even if you just do 2 minutes per day, stick with it.

Speak To A Professional

Perhaps you know you have some issues that meditation alone won’t cure. Speaking to a professional could be the key. Do your research and find somebody with the qualifications and credentials that you need. Professionals with different titles do different things. Some may just be there to listen to you, others may help you work through issues, some may help you to come up with a plan for your whole life.

Work On Your Personal Development

Your personal development is important for your self esteem and happiness. If you’ve gotten a little complacent over the last few months or even the last few years, this could be a reason for your unhappiness. You can work on your personal development in numerous ways. Read books on it, learn a language or an instrument (something you’ve always dreamed of, perhaps), listen to podcasts and motivational TedTalks, take notes, use affirmations and visualization – the list goes on. It’s in your hands to change yourself and your life if you really want to!

Improving Your Spiritual Health

Finally, here are some pointers that could help you to improve your spiritual health:

Travel More

Travel is no longer just for those who want to see some of the famous sites of the world – it’s for those who want to journey inward and learn more about themselves. If you have the opportunity to travel, especially alone, you should do it.

Learn To Listen To Your Inner Guide

Learning to listen to that little voice inside of us can be tough, as there’s usually a much louder, much more frightened voice speaking over it – the ego. Your inner guide is much calmer and usually presents the best solutions to a situation. Learning to quiet your mind can be done with meditation, but you should also check in with yourself and your body throughout the day to see how you’re feeling. The more you practice getting intune with yourself, the better you’ll get at it.

Avoid Consuming Pointless Information

Consuming pointless information is something we’re all guilty of, whether we’ve got stuck on a friend of a friend’s wedding photos on Facebook page or we’re reading news articles that really aren’t helping us in any way. Try to become more mindful of the information you’re consuming on a daily basis and cut it down as much as possible. Consume information on purpose, not passively. We consume when we watch TV, listen to the radio, with podcasts, read books, scroll social media, and more. It’s up to you to decide what deserves your attention.

Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose might sound like one big task, but it can actually be split up into a series of small tasks, simply by doing what your heart calls you to do. Of course your purpose isn’t just going to come and smack you in the face one day (it might, but it’s unlikely); you need to make sure you’re trying different things, having fun, and finding out where your passions and motivations lie. This is the only way to develop a purpose and a lust for life!