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13 Types of Self Sabotage and How to Stop Them

When we reach a certain age, some of our habits become hard to change. If they are helping us achieve our goals, it is all fine. However, some of us are guilty of self-sabotage actions that we do regularly to hinder our chance for success and self-love. If you have been struggling to overcome difficulties in life, turned to obsessions, or simply tried to escape reality, instead of facing it, there is a challenging road ahead. To become a better version of yourself, you will have to learn how to get rid of your habits that aid your self sabotage and reduce the quality of life. Even if you think that you are a positive person who knows the helpful ways of dealing with challenges, read on to discover how to spot the early signs of self-sabotage.


The number one on the list is procrastination. Whether you have been putting off talking to your boss about a pay rise or a promotion because you are afraid that they will say no, or didn’t deal with your financial issues before they became unmanageable, it is time to face the problems. If you never try, you will never succeed, either. Instead of putting off the most challenging tasks ahead, tackle them first next time. Remember that the things that make you get out of your comfort zone are more likely to take you closer to your goals than the things you have always been doing and are familiar with.


Some people deal with stress the negative way. Whether it is nicotine, caffeine, taurine, or alcohol and drugs you turn to as an easy short term solution, it will not end well. While you will feel better about yourself for a while, after the temporary high, you will hit an all time low. If you are unable to face your problems, don’t escape them but get professional help. You can never achieve your goals or overcome your anxiety if you don’t face challenges. In case you feel like you are at risk of substance abuse, talk to a mental health professional before it is too late.

Relying on Painkillers

In case you are dealing with a long term condition or a painful illness, the easy solution is talking enough painkillers to numb your nerves. However, strong pills can have side effects, and lower your brain capacity as well. Instead of dealing with the symptoms, try to find the cause of your illness or chronic condition and get professional help. Relying on tablets for the rest of your life is not a good idea. After an injury, try to come off the painkillers and get in touch with Carolina Chirocare and Rehab to deal with the source of pain, instead of the symptoms themselves.

Loving Comfort Too Much

While creating a safe sanctuary at home can be good for your mental and spiritual health, being too comfortable and having all the luxury you wish for is not a helpful way of dealing with things. It can make you lazy and less motivated to work towards your goals. Whether you are enjoying your home Jacuzzi every night with a bottle of bubbly, or get your breakfast in bed every morning, you have to know that there’s such thing as too much of the good things. You will not be able to cope without the little luxuries of life you are so used to. Take a break every now and then and go camping or change your scenery to connect with your soul and challenge yourself.

Playing Safe

We all do this from time to time. Choosing a partner who is less intelligent or good-looking than us, as we think they will not leave us. Or we simply stick with a job that is far from being challenging, just because it is safe. The bad news is that people who never take risks will never get further in life than they are now. You will have to learn to try new things. Make sure that you are not staying with a person or a job because you value your security more than your goals. Have dreams and work towards them, even if you have to take a few risks.


We all deserve a bit of shopping therapy every now and then, but if this gets you into debt and make you face financial difficulties, you should stop. While getting a perfect dress or handbag will make us feel better about ourselves for a while, when the credit card bills start arriving, our mood soon changes. Keep a close eye on your finances. Treat yourself with little luxuries every now and then, but make the shopping trips a reward and not a habit. Save up for things instead of splashing out on credit cards, and you can avoid unwanted stress in your life.

Moving to Escape Your Problems

You might have witnessed some of your friends. They moved from one place to the next, searching for the perfect environment. The truth is that no place can make a difference in your life if you are not at peace with yourself. Changing your environment, but having the same attitude and hurt inside will simply reduce your bank balance, and make you end up in financial difficulties. Before you choose to relocate to be happier, make sure that you are aware of what can be changed inside and how your new environment will help you achieve your goals better.

Easy Meal Options

Eating low nutrition and high calorie meals is another important type of self sabotage. While it is easier to order a pizza than to make a meal from scratch, you can overcome your own excuses and tackle them one by one. If you have a few hours on the weekend, you can prepare two or three different healthy dishes, freezing them, so you eat them during the week, even if you have no time to cook. You might also want to invest in healthy food preparation and cooking equipment, such as an air fryer and a slow cooker.

Generating Stress


Sometimes our own anxiety makes us see the world in a darker shade. In case you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you are likely to see the worst outcome at all times. You will generate stress on your own, without any outside triggers. You will get stressed over an interview, exam, even if you are fully prepared. You will start to doubt your own abilities and create excess stress that makes you ill, feeling unwell, and less confident as well. If you experience any of these symptoms, it might be time to seek professional help.

Lack of Prioritizing Tasks

You can get overwhelmed by your tasks and stress yourself out if you fail to prioritize your to-do list. You might be avoiding the hardest things you have to tackle, putting them off. This will increase your stress levels and make you feel anxious all the time. Instead of focusing on the easy things, try to do what requires the most effort at all times, and you can move on with your life and schedule better.

Neglecting Relationships

We all tend to get busy from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect or even ignore your friends and family members. Connecting with them will make you feel better about yourself and confirm that you are not alone in the world. Don’t lose your best friends because you have to work overtime at work; simply make time to catch up with them, no matter how hard it is.

Listening to Negative Voices

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Sometimes the negative voices are louder in our head than the positive ones. It is easy to give in and believe them without doing a reality check. You have to learn how to use positive affirmations and let go of the negativity in your life. It is important that you recognize that these voices are not helpful and are not assisting you in getting what you want. Always think before you accept a perception as an absolute truth.

Not Listening to Your Body

It is crucial that you listen to your body and meet its needs. Your body should be your temple and you need to pay attention to what it says. Whether you are suffering from unexplained pain or nausea, weakness, or insomnia, try to make adjustments in your lifestyle. Change your diet if you are suffering from digestive system problems, and avoid food that causes you heartburn and slow down your metabolism.


Self-sabotage is something we all need to learn to recognize and tackle. It comes in various forms and shapes, and you will have to be on the lookout for signs that indicate that you need to change your attitude. Whether you are avoiding certain conflicts or challenging tasks, or are trying to overcome your negative self esteem through overspending, you will eventually pay the price. Learn the healthy ways of dealing with your problems and say goodbye to self sabotage.


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