12 Fun Pinecone Crafts To Make This Fall

The kids and I like to get a little crafty in the fall so these cute pinecone crafts make fun and easy crafts for us to make. Plus, they are the perfect to brighten any decor for the holidays. There are so many different options that I will likely have to do another post with Christmas ideas. You can either gather them on your own or buy them at your local craft store.

1. Pinecone Winter Owl
2. Pinecone Peacock
3. Pinecone Bumblebee Toy
4. Pinecone Turkey
5. Pinecone Bat
6. Pinecone Pumpkin
7. Pinecone Spiders
8. Pinecone Mouse Family
9. Pinecone Christmas Ornament
10. Pinecone Owl
11. Pinecraft Bird Feeder
12. Pom Pom Pinecone Ornament

Items that you will need to make these crafts.
Craft Glue
Pom poms
Pipe Cleaners
Moveable Eyes

Additional items needed will be outlined in detail in each post.