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4 Health Issues You Can Miss As A Parent

As a parent, it’s common to be overly concerned about the health of your child. But there are also health troubles that can be completely overlooked. Here are some of the health problems that you might need to watch out for. 

Trouble With Teeth

Problems with your child’s teeth can be missed because some kids hate going to the dentist. Rather than forcing kids to go and dealing with tantrums, there are parents that just skip the dentist completely. They often assume that they can keep their kid’s teeth healthy by ensuring that they do keep brushing standards at the right level which makes sense. However, there are some issues that can’t be dealt with through good oral hygiene. For instance, it’s possible that your child’s teeth are sitting in the wrong place. If that’s the case, then they’ll need to be straightened. Straight teeth aren’t just a cosmetic solution. They can help your child avoid headaches and other similar issues too. 

Eye Concerns 

Next, you should be aware of eye concerns. It might be the case that you are getting your child’s teeth checked regularly. But what about their eyes? If your child is complaining about headaches, you might treat it with medicine. But it’s possible that the underlying problem is trouble with their eyes. To fix this you should think about getting your child booked in for an eye exam about once a year. That way, you can make sure that they don’t end up in a situation where eye trouble is causing them problems in school or leading to more significant headaches. 

Skin Woes

It’s all too easy to overlook health issues that can develop with your child’s skin. For instance, it’s possible that your child gets sunburnt. This can lead to more significant health problems and that’s why you should always make sure that they are wearing suntan lotion. You might also want to think about checking for issues on your child’s skin. Problems such as rashes can be a warning sign of something more serious. Particularly, if it doesn’t go away after a few days.   In our family, serious eczema can be lead to a nasty infection that needs to be treated with steroids and/or antibiotics.  Such is the case with our recent trip to the hospital for what ended up being an infection behind Mia’s knee.  

Chronic Pain 

Finally, you might find that your child is complaining about chronic pain. You can pass this off as a child being dramatic but this is dangerous because it’s possible that there is an actual significant pain that is impacting them. If that’s the case, then you need to make sure that you are tackling it head on. It’s important that you do get it checked out rather than just ignoring it or treating it with meds. Again, there could be another underlying issue that does need to be addressed by a professional. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the health issues that you can miss as a parent and why it’s important that you do avoid overlooking these key concerns. Failing to tackle these problems head on can lead them to get worse and more significant overtime or mean that your child misses out on treatment they need. 

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