5 Remarkable Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

Technology when used correctly could be the greatest force for human health ever devised. We’re currently on the precipice of a revolution where technology could potentially allow us to live decades longer and without any horrible diseases. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the impressive technology and devices that promise to change how we think about our health forever. 

Weight Loss Scales

Researchers believe that people need to lose weight to remain healthy. And now companies are using technology to assist people in that process. 

Enter weight loss scales by brands like Fitbit. These scales do more than merely tell you your weight. They also monitor other things like bone mass, fat mass, water mass, muscle mass and heart rate. They’re then able to provide you with a readout telling you how you’re progressing which usually links to an app. 

Real-Time Health Information

Imagine being able to travel to another country and get real-time health information about what’s happening on the ground. Well today, thanks to COVID-19 API technology, it’s possible. These systems take multiple data streams from various sources and feed them to your smartphone. Then all you need to do is read the updates like regular notifications. 

Injury Recovery Tools

Wearables that help you recover from injury are also beginning to make an appearance. These devices are portable and have no wires or leads. You place them behind the knee. The device then emits electric pulses to activate the surrounding tissue, encouraging blood flow to the area. 

Sleep Aids

Technology is also slowly finding its way into our beds in the form of sleep aids. These are essentially smartphone-connected devices that have a lot of sensors to track your sleep quality level. Some are totally non-contact, which means that you can place them beside the bed and they will track how well you’re sleeping without the need to wear any electrodes. 

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure is the leading cause of death worldwide according to researchers. So now vendors like Omron are making wireless blood pressure monitors that can detect your blood pressure levels through the skin. 

Omron’s machine uses a special algorithm to determine your blood pressure. It measures your heart rate remotely and then uses blood pressure data in its database to estimate your blood pressure, based on how your heart is beating. 

What’s great about this tool is that it lets you monitor blood pressure in real time. You can watch how it fluctuates during the day, giving you a better sense of what your blood pressure level actually is. 

Whether technology will ever really make us healthier remains to be seen. At the moment it seems like some of our greatest science fiction hopes might play out in the real world, but we still have a long way to go. Who knows, it might only be a few years before you are scanning your body and a machine is telling you what’s wrong. Owning a TV or computer increases your chances of being overweight.