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5 Tips to Help Your Kids Get More Sleep

Kids have a bad habit of sleeping really late. Sometimes they’re glued to their computer screens, and other times they’ve just got too much energy stored up. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to get your kids to bed early so they can have plenty of energy for the next day. So to help you out, here are five tips to help your kids get a bit more sleep each day.

  1. Practice a bedtime routine

A consistent bedtime routine is a great way to prepare your kids for bed. Make sure you practice a small bedtime routine so their body and mind can get used to sleeping on time.

  1. Let them spend their energy in the day

Children are full of energy, so make sure they get some physical activity throughout the day to ensure they spend it.

  1. No screen time 2 hours before bed

Stop your children from using computers, smartphones or watching TV roughly two hours before bed. This is to help with melatonin production which helps your child sleep better.

  1. Create a comfortable sleeping environment

A comfortable sleeping environment will make things a lot easier on your children. Make sure the temperature is right, give them a comfortable set of sheets and covers, and make sure it’s nice and quiet.

  1. Deal with child fears

Children often have fears that make it difficult to sleep, such as being afraid of the dark. Speak to your child about these fears and deal with them so they become less of an issue.

Infographic: Regis College

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