Do body types matter?

Do body types matter?   Is there an ideal body type? Is there a way to make yourself look x or y? There’s no simple or perfectly correct answer to these questions. No one person or body looks exactly the same. There are different body types and each person’s body is usually a form of 1-2 of these types.

Believe it or not, there is no ideal body type. While you may assume the most popularized body types in the media and magazines is the ideal, remember that popular body types change over time and in different populations.

Social standards of body type, while prevalent, are inconsistent and don’t define you.

Here are some ways to make you feel confident and fashionable, no matter your body type.


Officially, there are three body types. The first, the ectomorph, is characterized by having long limbs, skinny, but possible having a high body fat for the individual’s size. It can be hard for this type to gain weight or muscle.

The biggest struggle for this body type is finding clothes that fit well, without drowning in folds of clothing. Look for stretch-fit clothes that hug the upper body. If you are uncomfortable with tight-fitting clothes, look for flowy crop tops or small t-shirts: focus on looking balanced and beware of having too much fabric taking over.


Mesomorphs find it easy to both gain and lose fat and muscle. They are also generally proportional and well-suited to power sports.

As far as fashion goes, this type is in luck! Many things will fit this type naturally. Be aware that while you may change weight easily, with a consistent diet, any clothes you have may fit slightly differently from day to day. However, this shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Don’t let toned muscles push you away from going for a more feminine look. Show off your abs or calves with a 2-piece or short dress.


Endomorphs are naturally curvy and more prone to gaining weight. While individuals of this body type may feel wronged by nature, remember that some may do anything to have your curves!

Look for outfits that make you feel confident, but comfortable. Try outfits that fit tightly on any area you’re comfortable with showing off! For other areas, try flowing fabrics. Use layered fabrics to your advantage in this area as well.

Be comfortable!

Remember, fashion is arbitrary and ever-changing. Be confident in what you choose and the effort you put in, and it will show in your look and to others. Try fashion that is “meant” for a different body type and see how it goes! These are some guidelines, and in no way cemented rules. If you feel good, you’ll look good, too.

Increased time spent on your look alone will subconsciously give you a boost in confidence throughout the day. Don’t be scared to try something new, and be proud with what you come up with! There is no ideal body-so respect, love, and treat the one you have well.