Book Review: The Key To A Legacy by Delaney Deegan

Delaney Deegan is a new author who has recently published her first book entitled, Acquiring The Key To A Legacy. The book is a sweet and heartwarming story that tells the tale of two people who fell in love when they least expected it.

I quite enjoyed the book and loved how well the author set the scene. I almost felt as if I was right there at the beach with them.   It definitely made me crave a vacation and some much needed pool time.  The book tells the story of Emma who comes from a long line of hoteliers and is now managing a beautiful boutique hotel in Coral Gables, FL. Connor Mason checks into the hotel with the intent of acquiring the hotel only to become enchanted by the beautiful Emma and the history and legacy of the Grand Gables Boutique Hotel and Spa.  The Key To A Legacy is a charming and delightful read that will warm your heart.  It’s the  perfect book for anyone who loves a good clean romance.    Bonus: It’s free on Amazon right now. 😉

According to the author, The Key To A Legacy is the first in a series of 5 books set in/around South Florida involving Emma and her lifelong group of friends.


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