Tips To Find A Reputable Electrician

This is a sponsored post.  All tips are 100% my own.

Finding an electrician can be tricky, especially if you moved to a new area and don’t really know where to start or how to go about doing so. Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you find you the perfect one ( spoiler, there’s a great one at the end of this post ) but also to help you get the job done correctly, efficiently and hopefully under your budget!

    1. Don’t ever attempt electrical work if you are inexperienced– The most common issue that many people have is attempting to try and work on electrical outlets themselves. A faulty wiring system in a home can be fire that is waiting to happen. It’s extremely important that you hire a qualified and experienced electrician. The wiring and network really needs to be done precision because despite circuits looking safe, a poor design can cause damage to not only the equipment and motors but also can affect the lighting in your home or even to you! The decision to hire someone who is experienced can save you from future issues as well as avoiding safety hazards too!
    2. A Licensed Electrician is Key– If you can change a light fixture no problem, that’s pretty simple to do but really anything outside of that, a light switch or an electrical outlet for a beginner homeowner should really be looked at it and checked by someone who is licensed to do so. If you are looking at a new construction and are trying to save a few dollars in the process on labor costs, you can attach an outlet, switch or box to the frame but leave all the wiring to the professional. These boxes should be attached firmly to the framing and you should consult an electrician for the positioning and location of where those boxes should be.
    3. Hire Someone Just To Have a Reputable Person– If you just purchased a home, an electrician typically needs to rewire or repair some of your existing systems. Homeowners are also required professional electricians for construction which include additions or remodels, along with placing of where the outlet and lighting is going to go. Most people will rarely need the services of an electrician but when it’s necessary, choosing the right on can be very important.  
    4. Think Of The Work – Before you find a great electrician, also think about what type of work they will be doing. Be as detailed as you possibly can so you can determine the need for this particular project. If there are some minor repairs that need to be done, they could probably be completed by an electrician who is less expensive and may not have a lot of experience. However, if you have a major repair or a remodel to do, you want someone who is skilled and able to meet your needs. If you have improper wiring this can be extremely dangerous and lead to fires or other issues down the road which puts you and your entire family at risk as well as costing you more money.
    5. Be Alert – When a major disaster hits in your area, be on alert for frauds. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA suggest that certain guidelines to help avoid hiring a total stranger off your doorstep that may claim to be skilled in this field. Use local contracts, one with whom you may have a prior relationship with. IF they are not available, ask around for recommendations from neighbors and friends and consult with several contractors in person before making your choice. Also ask for references and follow up prior up with prior customers. Would they hire this person again? Get all your estimates in writing and ask about fees before making an appointment. All estimates should include specific about the work the contractor is expected to perform so everyone is on the same page. Pay only for finished work that satisfies your expectation. If the job is not complete or you are not happy, make sure that reputable contractor will not pressure you to sign anything.

Hopefully all of these tips are useful to you to find a reputable electrician. If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area I have the perfect electrician company that checks off these things off your list. They are called American Electric. When Master Electrician, Mike Murphy thought of a simple idea to provide only the high quality electrical contracting service in hsi area, it needed to start with the talent and all his employees have a can do attitude. He began manning phones from his home when he first began and then start with military electrical contracting jobs with a small team of dedicated technicians. They responded extremely quickly to each and every call and help complete the job to your satisfaction. They are all fully licensed and have a 5 star rating on their google page which of course, comes highly recommended with their experience. The best part is that they are open 24/7 to help you with your needs day or night!