Hearty Camper Breakfast

I used to love camping as a kid.  Some of my favorite memories are of packing up and taking off in our little pop up camper, meals around the campfire, making new friends, and catching fire flies at night.   There are some days, where the longing for those simpler times catches up with me.  This hearty camper breakfast takes me back to those days.  The smell of bacon cooking and fun times ahead.


Salt and Pepper to taste

(We used our grill at the campground to make this, but you could use a skillet over the campfire as well)

Start by taking your slices of bacon and placing them in the hot pan on your grill. Cook both sides until crispy and done.

Next, crack and add in your egg. You can leave sunny side up or scrambled, whatever you choose!

While your egg is cooking, wash off your tomato and start slicing into thin slices.

When your egg is completely cooked as you want, remove and plate with your bacon and tomato.

Top with salt and pepper to taste.