How Couples Can Help Each Other De-stress

Stress is something that can impact our relationships much more than we might think. Part of the issue is that stress is something that is entrenched in all of our everyday lives. As a result, we can become immune to any of the signs and symptoms that something is wrong. And when you’re in a relationship and you feel comfortable, coming home can be a time to vent and to be yourself, rather than having to put on your professional face that you have to at work, for example. So if you’re feeling stressed, it can have an unintentional knock-on impact on your home life and your relationship. 

Stress is something that can show up in what we do, how we behave, as well as in our verbal communications, and non-verbal communications. As a result, it can lead to fighting, shouting, quarreling, withdrawing, and feeling disconnected, as well as feeling sad or angry. So what are the best things to do if you are feeling stressed as a couple, or one of the people in the couple is? Here are some things to think about.

Recognize symptoms of stress

There are a number of symptoms that can indicate stress. However, if we’re not paying attention, to ourselves or to others, then it can get worse and you won’t know what to do for yourself. If you have a partner that is cranky a lot of the time, moody, withdrawn, teary, agitated, or even hyper and excited, then this could be a sign that deep-down, they are really stressed. If you have a partner that is turning more to things like food, drugs, and alcohol to self-medicating, then it could be an indicator that things are going on that you don’t know about.

Open and honest communication

This is key in any relationship anyway, but when there are some added elements of stress, you need to be able to freely communicate. A partner needs to be supportive and not judgemental, and then a plan can be put in place to deal with the things that are causing the stress. If your partner had a car accident, for example, then you would help them to find exceptionally talented personal injury attorneys to deal with any fallout of the event. So why not do that for other things in their life? Approach them if you feel that there are somethings that you’re worried about, and make sure that you listen and give them the chance to talk, rather than just talking at them.

Stress-relieving at home

For you or your partner, it is a good idea to know what helps you to relieve stress. Then you can make sure that you take time to do those things, as it will be good for you and your relationship. If your partner likes to be alone and work in the garage or go out for a run, and they start to do this more than usual, then talk to them. When you know that it is because they are feeling stressed and doing those things helps them, then you can be understanding to their process, and not feel resentful that they’re not spending time with you.