Protect Little Lungs with RSV Awareness

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Did you know that October is RSV Awareness Month? It’s the time to inform parents and caregivers about RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) before RSV season. RSV is a common, highly contagious seasonal virus that affects nearly 100% of all infants by age 2.
It’s the #1 reason babies are hospitalized within their first year of life. Yet most parents don’t know it exists.

Five years ago, my foster daughter at the time developed symptoms of RSV so I took her to the local pediatric after hours clinic. They did testing and decided that it was best to take her to the pediatric hospital in Orlando. I drove over there and she was admitted right away. I had never heard RSV before that, so I didn’t have a clue what to expect but they hooked her up to some oxygen and showed me how to do breathing treatments at home. It was a very scary time. I hate to see the little ones(or any child) suffering and she just looked so fragile hooked up to all of those machines. Luckily, she received expert care and was back to her sweet self in no time. A couple of my other foster momma have had experience with RSV as well. Both of their children had a short stay in the hospital but are completely fine now.

Who is affected? Symptoms often the common cold so they often go undiagnosed, but children who are born prematurely can often develop a much more serious infection.

How can you protect your child from RSV? If your child is high risk(ask your pediatrician to be sure), it may be necessary to delay daycare for as long as possible. Some parents opt for a stay at home babysitter or nanny as it reduces the exposure to the virus. Young children should be kept away from anyone who may be sick as well as away form large crowds. Washing hands, toys, and other items that children come into contact with is another great tool for reducing exposure.
Unfortunately, there is no treatment option available, so doctors treat the symptoms until the virus has run it’s course. For more information about RSV, please see the following infographic or visit the Little Lungs website. RSV Awareness Month Infographic

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