Rise Brewing Company Brings A New Twist To Your Morning Coffee Routine

Rise Brewing Company recently me some Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Oatmeal Vanilla Latte drinks for review. I love cold brew coffee so I was excited to give them a tree. To my surprise it remind me of coffee ice cream, but with the added benefit of no dairy and no added sugar.

From Their Site:
This nitrogen-infused cold brew latte enhances our signature organic coffee with a dash of dairy-free oat milk and organic vanilla extract from Madagascar. It’s creamy, slightly sweet and refreshingly smooth. It’s all good.

water, organic oats, organic coffee, sunflower oil, organic natural flavors, organic vanilla extract, sea salt, potassium carbonate (to preserve freshness)

**Our Oat Milk Vanilla Latte has 80 mg of naturally occurring caffeine per can.

My kids love drinking coffee in the morning and I often give them a little on the weekends because as some of you may know, kids with ADHD tend to do well with coffee and other caffeinated drinks because it seems to work the opposite for them. This was told me to by their psychiatrist a couple of years and it really stuck with me. They enjoy drinking a cold coffee and I like that they can drink something that has no added sugar. They said the same thing that I did that it reminded them of a coffee flavored ice cream. Very light and refreshing. Its a great drink if you want an afternoon pick-me-up also because it’s not overpowering and loaded with caffeine.

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