How to Stay Consistent With Your Keto Diet

When it comes to any diet, the goal needs to be all about maximizing your health. You are what you eat, so of course, you’re going to want to eat foods that make you feel great and feel energized. But with that said, one thing that can be pretty tough is to stay consistent with […]

15 Yummy Keto Cracker Recipes

When I’m doing keto, I often find myself missing the “crunch” of crackers and other crunchy snacks. I looked into keto crackers but they can be expensive and often have “hidden” carbs and ingredients that don’t fit into my plan. After doing a little research, I found 15 Yummy Keto Cracker Recipes that are not […]

15 Delicious Keto Skillet Dinner Recipes

I love simple recipes that I can make without getting out every dish in the house, so I LOVE these Delicious Keto Skillet Dinner Recipes. Not only are the easy but they are healthy and delicious too. I love that I can make these healthy meals for me and then add rice or a pasta […]

February Weight Loss Challenge/Accountability Group

My weight loss journey is going slow and I’m easily frustrated, so I thought it would be fun and motivational to have a group of weight loss accountability partners. So, I set up a challenge for the month of February 2022 and I’m inviting you to join. The cost to join is $5 which will […]

Everyday ways to get exercise in your daily routine

Everyday Ways to Get Exercise in Your Daily Routine Exercise is often a word that provokes two different reactions. For many, it produces an eye roll and an exclamation of how long it has been since they have done exercise, and for others, it is an over-enthusiastic comment on how many days they have been […]

4 Tips to Reduce Your Food Intake

If you are trying to lose weight or improve your fitness, you need to be mindful of the food you eat. Not only the types of food but also the quantities you consume. One of the biggest challenges for anyone on a diet is reducing their food intake. When you’re hungry it can be difficult […]

15+ Favorite Low Carb Casseroles

In an effort to get healthy, I’ve decided to jump back on the keto bandwagon so that means putting together a shopping list for some of my favorite keto meals.  Check out this list of some my favorite keto casseroles and let me know which one you are most excited to try!  Cauliflower Chicken Casserole by […]

Finally Shed That Muffin Top

This type of unwanted belly is often caused by stress. Stress releases a hormone in your body called cortisol. Missing meals can also cause the release of this hormone and that’s why everyone feels stressed or moody when they’re hungry. Here are a few tips on how to eat better, and get some exercise to […]

3 Things To Consider When Trying To Lose Weight

Image by Natasha Spenser from Pixabay Whether your ultimate goal is to fit into that new dress you bought from the store or to shed a few pounds for any prevailing health issues, there are a few things you need to consider when trying to lose weight.  Take a look at the following and relate […]

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