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Feeling Low? It Could Be Seasonal Affective Disorder


As winter rolls around every year, you might be waiting for your usual hit of depression to kick in. It’s no coincidence that the weather has such a dramatic impact on your mood and well being. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that is linked to the limited exposure to sunlight that we have to endure every winter. As the cold weather sets in and the days become shorter, your mood can drop and your ability to take pleasure out of experiences can be limited. If you feel like you might be suffering from SAD, consider these options to help bring a bit more positivity to your winter days.

Get Outside

If the light is limited in the winter, it makes sense to make the most of it. Don’t wallow on the sofa at home and push yourself to take a stroll outside. Soaking up the natural rays of the sun will boost your Vitamin D and the dopamine levels in your blood. This hormone can negate the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. Being outdoors also lowers stress levels and boosts your feelings of positivity, lifting your mood. Walking or cycling is a great way to exercise and will help those all important endorphins to stay elevated in your blood. 

Light is crucial to combat SAD, so being outdoors on sunny winter days is important. This should be just one factor in your quest to achieve a healthy lifestyle to combat your seasonal depression.

Eat Well

Being depressed and feeling low can see you reaching for the sugary snacks and calling for takeaways. This is a catch 22 as this sort of food can make you feel bloated, low, and anxious. You need to break the cycle and eat a healthier diet. Think about supplementing your healthier eating and try out AZ Natural Selections gummies to help you relax and feel less stressed and anxious. Eating well involved cooking fresh produce from scratch. This might mean dusting off some of your old recipe books so that you can experiment with new flavors and enjoy honing your gastronomic skills. There’s no better way to socialize than with food, so consider cooking up a storm and inviting your nearest and dearest around for a dinner party.

Do Something New

If you are feeling low, the monotony of your days can be difficult to manage. Rather than accepting the boredom of your days, mix it up a bit and do something new. What is it that you want to do that you always put off? If you want to learn a new language, enroll on a course. If you fancy learning the guitar, take part in a taster session. And if you want to try out a flower arranging course, get searching for local providers. There’s nothing better than having something to look forward to and a new activity or hobby can provide this. You can also find your social circle widening, making new friends with like-minded people.

Follow this guide and you can enjoy a more positive experience this winter where your mental well being is paramount.

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