How to Prepare for a Cross Country Move With Kids

Whether you’re moving across the country or the street, moving can be one of the most exciting but stressful experiences for kids. This can be for many reasons, including they love where you currently live, they will miss their friends and school, or they are scared because they don’t know what will happen next. Talk […]

The Farewell Spring Clean Your Old Home Needs

You might have already made the decision, but you should make sure that you’re making the right considerations before moving. This includes not only making sure that you’re preparing for the new home, but also that you’re taking care of the responsibility you have to leave the home in a good condition for the next […]

Improving Your Long-Term Household Affordability

Any homeowner, and especially any parent, will be able to tell you that running a home is often quite expensive. We tend to accept this fact when making our life plans, as we know that some things, like owning our own space eventually, and raising a family, are more than worth the effort and cost.  […]

5 Benefits of Exercise for Women Over 40

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight, building bone density and muscle strength, reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing self-confidence, and much more. It’s never too late to start! Whether you want to work out at home or head to a gym such as Fitness 19 to try out some classes […]

Making Cash From Your Crafts

Many different craft hobbies can be turned into a form of income ranging from dressmaking to woodworking. Below are some of the best ways to convert your crafts into cash. Sell on sites like Etsy Etsy is the most popular site for buying and selling handmade crafts. Consider creating an account and putting up a […]

5 Powerful Parenting Tactics To Create A Peaceful Home

Parenting is a tough job. There are so many different things to manage, and it’s exhausting. However, homelife doesn’t have to be a place of constant conflict and emotional turmoil. With some time and care, you can create a supportive environment that’s peaceful enough for even the most sensitive kids. Check out these five powerful […]

The 8 Upgrades That Make Your Home Long-Lasting

  Home improvements are something that we all try to avoid. They are expensive, they are time-consuming, and they can be very overwhelming. So if you ever decide that you’re going to do some essential maintenance, it’s up to you to guarantee that the results last as long as possible. This doesn’t mean making updates […]

Unicorn Poop Merinque Cookies

Ingredient List 4 egg whites at room temperature ¼ tsp cream of tartar 1 cup granulated sugar Red food coloring Multicolored sprinkles Gold sprinkles Instructions Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Preheat oven to 170 degrees F. Using an electric mixer, start mixing egg whites and cream of tartar on medium […]

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