Stetson Mansion Christmas Spectacular 2017

I was able to go to a media preview for the Stetson Mansion Christmas Spectacular, and I must tell you that I was blown away. JT comes up with some of the most amazing and innovative designs. There are several reasons why I kove this tour starting with the fact that JT makes excellent strides […]

Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas Part 2

Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas is in full swing and my channel hasn’t hardly moved since it began. I hope you are are this great list of Christmas favorites and finding some new ones from the list of 18 new movies. Hallmark Channel’s Countdown To Christmas Part 1 can be found here. Hallmark Channel’s Countdown […]

10 Crowd Pleasing Crock Pot Appetizers

Whether you’ve got a holiday event coming up or you are just getting ready for gameday, this list of 10 Crowd Pleasing Crock Pot Appetizers are the perfect choice.  From the fan favorite grape jelly meatballs to the sweet & spicy sausage bites, there is something for everyone.  To be honest, I look forward to […]

Fostering Creativity In Your Child

The Value of Creativity No matter what life or career path you wish your child to lead and achieve, it is important to instill creativity and critical thinking early. A popular misconception claims that careers in the STEM field do not require independent creativity or imaginative thought. While these fields do rely heavily on analytical […]

All About The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas sweaters were originally intended to make the holidays light hearted and fun but somewhere along the line they became a bit of a joke. This Christmas, I invite you to share your love for Christmas with one or more of these Ugly Christmas Sweater ideas. Whether it’s making a craft or simply wearing your […]

12 Photo Gifts To Make For Family and Friends This Holiday Season

Do you have someone on your list that is so hard to buy for because they have literally everything that they would ever need or want? I think we all have someone like that, right? Well, I think that photo gifts make a great choice in this situation. Just decide on the subject (grandkids, pets, […]

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